Witchy Tip & Earth Friendly! 🌎

If you have a Jar spell or a Satchel spell that requires you to bury the item once it’s complete or once it no longer serves you…here is a REALLY cheap and environmentally friendly way to do that! Use an old toilet paper or paper towel tubes. Place your spell items inside the tube…and bury that.

I have been using jars in the past…but love this idea - as it’s cost effect and earth friendly!

BAM! #Greenwitch :green_heart: :herb: :earth_americas:


That’s a great affordable option to start working with sachet spells, without having a big budget for charm bags or fabric.

You could also decorate the outside of the tube, for example with sigils/symbols/words, or paint in a specific color depending on the intention.

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Thank you for this tip!


HA! I didn’t even think to add sigils and such to the outside. WHOO!! Awesome!


This is a great way to be ecofriendly in your spellwork! I’ve always cringed when I hear of people who bury very glass bottles or things that aren’t naturally biodegradable. This is a perfect alternative!

The only downside I could think to this is if your spell jar is for home protection, for example, and is buried on your land. That’s something that I think should be put in glass because it won’t break down and ruin your spell jar. Then, if you ever move, you just dig it up, cleanse it, and take it with you.


I thought of that also about the protection aspect if it breaks down…HOWEVER, I am a firm believer that it’s the intentions behind the items…the items for me are more of a “visual” thing I guess…so in my heart I believe even if it biodegrades, Gaia will still protect my items and keep the spell going…BECAUSE it’s eco friendly, she will love that! :smiley:


That makes sense :slight_smile:
Thank you for sharing!


What a clever idea! Someone had their thinking cap on!


Sometimes I am smart! HAHAHA