Finished with all the lessons in lessons

Well I just finished all my lessons in the lessons tab where do I go from here.


Now starts the fun part! Explore your interests, jump into your practice, and go from there.

The lessons are there as a starting point, a guiding light for those who are new to witchcraft (or those that may need a refresher). What sort of things are you interested in? Do you feel a connection to any deity? How about a divination practice? Those are all avenues of further exploration!


Dont forget starting your own personalized book of shadows


Whatever you want to do! Use those lessons and let your magic fly!


Start your own practice with what your interested in, search the forum for topics of interest. Look into different aspects that you feel interested in working with on your own.

When I finished the lessons, I knew I had to work on my meditations & I was already working with crystals, so I did the crystal meditations & worked on being able to meditate. I went from barely 3 minutes to be able to sit up to 20 minutes. I know what kinds of meditations I will get the most benefit from now too. Over the last year & a half now, I have learned about astrology, Celtic paganism & mythology, I work with the Morrigan & Brighid, Tarot, Oracle, Runes, Dowsing, Chakras, Herbs, Magic in the Mundane, Gardening, Essential Oils, Fresh Incense, Shadow Work, Self-Care. The possibilities are limitless really. :milky_way: :infinite_roots:


Wow, congratulations! That is a lot of content to master! You are inspiring me today! :mortar_board:

Have you made a Book of Shadows? That might be a next step on your journey.

You could look through the weekly witchy challenges and see what floats your boat. People have made brooms, wands, spell kits, tools, jars…so many things.


Congrats on finishing the lessons, @candicorn320! :partying_face: That’s a big achievement- proud of you! :heart:

As for what now, everyone’s offered some wonderful advice- you are free to explore your favorite topics and put everything you’ve learned into practice :books::blush:

If you enjoy more structured learning with topics outlined for you, then a next good step would be, like Mary suggests, to check out the Weekly Witchy Challenges here in the forum. There is a new one that explores a different topic every week, starting on Wednesday. The theme for this week’s challenge is all about Chaos Magick :tornado: Feel free to check it out if that sounds interesting to you!

May you continue to thrive on your magickal journey, Candace- blessed be! :sparkles:


Congratulations! As for what comes next? New subjects come up all the time. Keep your eye on the Q&A and Forum. We love you.


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