Fire pit for ritual work?

I was curious if anyone has used a fire pit for ritual or casting purposes and if you did, if you have any tips to share? Did you treat it, more or less, like a cauldron? E.g., did you throw herbs into the fire (intead of burning them in a cauldron) or write intentions or other words on paper and throw it in the fire? Are there any magickal rituals or spells associated with fire pits or smallish bonfires that you know of?


Ohhh I’m going to yell for @Susurrus here :laughing: she’s got a gorgeous fire pit that she uses ritually!


I want to get to this point! We bought a gorgeous fire pit during the pandemic, but we don’t use it often enough. This summe has been brutal for our family, but I’m hoping this fall we can be out often!


I’d love to have a fire pit, too. Okay wait…I actually kinda have one already but we’re in the middle of summer and hurricane season here in Florida and it rains too often to have a good fire as often as I would like :laughing:


@MeganB! You know me so well! @mary25 absolutely you can use your fire pit for anything that you plan on burning. I use mine for a ton of things that I need a fire for & some that I just kind of do on the fly… being the master of chaos, these things happen.

I use it on Samhain, writing & burning intentions or something I’m releasing, I unwrap sage/cedar/juniper bundles & spread the leaves over the coals to cleanse the energy from the pit.

If you put sage or rosemary in a tin foil wrap & add water with a few small holes, it will keep the bugs away & keep negative energies at bay while you’re out there.

I have a pentacle chandelier hanging from a Sheperd’s Hook with 5 little cauldrons (tealight holders) hanging from each point of the pentacle by the fire pit. I have a granite coffee table thing… that I use as a kind of like an altar.

I just woke up, but I will be back & with pictures! I use it ALL THE TIME!!!


Hi, I’m back… so some infographics… :rofl:

There used to be a top on the back part but we have since removed it:

We have a granite table in front & then a couch behind the table. We have grates on the back because instead of tinfoil packs, you can use a large pot of water with the herbs inside like an outdoor simmer pot. However, once the fire has burned to the coals & is on its way out, I unwrap the bundles or put herbs/cleansing in the pit to burn & smoke while the coals smolder.

I have released spells, journals, written intentions, you name it back there.

We had to move & remove some of the chairs especially when the 5 little cauldrons are lit:

My husband made it for me to use whenever & it lives next to the fire pit now :laughing:

I either use it by myself or I throw some cleansing herbs in there when it’s family or a simmer pot on the back. I do use it for rituals though, I just set up the rest on the table & light the pentacle with little cauldrons. Last Samhain we had it at my house (2 of my witchy friends came over, they are mother & daughter)


Some rituals are better than others. This one was a little light, and I completely forgot to take pictures for Soltice and Lughnasadh. Been slacking lately. But yeah, I do use it for ritual work, albeit infrequently.


I don’t take a lot of pictures when I use it anymore or of very many other things I do :thinking:

It is very usable though for any workings involving fires :fire:

@Undomeher I’ve missed you! Beltane is one of my favorite times to use it when it pertains to sabbats & such. I have some older pictures with the top on the back half, but we took that down to add the grates.


@mary25 I use my fire pit all the time. My hubby actually made a stone wall around it so i have work space


The hooded guy across from you with the skeletor face looks creepy…what circle of hell is on his chest? Just kidding, I’m sure he’s a fine person, but that looks very Halloween-ish to me!


LMAO :rofl: my picture editing skills aren’t the greatest. The best I could do @Undomeher with 1 hand is pick a color & scribble over their faces :joy: I’ve missed you!..

P.S. She is a very fine person indeed :laughing:


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