First ever Reiki session❣️

I had a very special and relaxing experience today at my very first Reiki session. I went to a local place and was able to do this because of a discount. I have been interested for about 15 years now and I’m so thrilled to finally have gotten the chance. The woman I was working with also does classes so I’m hoping within the next few months or so to be able to take one. If anyone has free resources or any tips for someone very new to Reiki, I am all open to suggestions and thoughts. One of my favorite things about this experience was being able to come home with this really sweet looking Tigers eye!


Oh! That’s awesome! We touched on it a bit in my crystal practitioner program. I’m sorry I don’t more about other resources though.

I believe we have a few Reiki practioners within the forum :thinking: Off the top of my head I believe a couple of them are @marsha & @christina4

I’m sure there are others, but I can’t readily recall right now.


Hello @Vermilion_plus_souls

I became a Reiki Master/Teacher about 30 years ago. I’ve also taken Healing Touch Classes and studied with an Indian Medicine Woman. Now I only do distant healing.

I am so glad you found your session to be relaxing. So many times in the beginning, when I began taking classes and learning about energy healing, I always had huge energy releases afterward. I was so sore as if I had worked out for the first time or was coming down with a virus, I had the body aches but not the fever. My teachers warned me about this and said that it can happen. I had a lot of energy blocks that needed to be released.

Anyway, I have not kept in touch with my Reiki Teacher, so I don’t have any contacts anymore to refer you to. I know there are a lot of books on Reiki, and there are even some who offer Reiki for free online. I will certainly let you know if I find something that might be helpful for you. Also if you have in questions, let me know and I will help if I can.

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


I know an energy healer who does an intuitive mix of chi, reiki and sound healing, and she was happy to give me a few practice sessions, it was powerful stuff :blush: :sparkling_heart: We could both literally sense the difference it made to my energy, like an ocean inside had been released and I was feeling so much lighter, like after a cleansing thunderstorm :smiling_face:

I’m definitely interested in hearing more about reiki too, and when I’m financially able, I’d love to do the courses in person. I’ve had some energy work experience in the context of tantra, working with the chakras, just like reiki does if I’ve understood correctly. I’ve written about most of those experiences here if you’re interested to read :pink_heart:

The few times I’ve received energy healing, months apart, there always had been so much energy to release. I recognize that a lot of it is just how strongly emotional and sensitive I am, and how I’ve learned from a young age to keep it in instead of expressing it in a healthy way. “Conceal don’t feel” and that stuff :sweat_smile: :snowflake: I’m much better about it now, but it’s still a work in progress.

So something more to look forward to in those classes! :blush: I’ve had similar flu like symptoms too at times when I’ve been working with energy. I’m okay with them, I take them as they come and let my wise body process them, and I’m happy about the clarity after. I’m still not sure how to retain the effects, regular practice probably (“oh no, anything but that” screams my ADHD brain :sweat_smile:)


Wow, that’s a lovely crystal. And I’m so glad you could get the classes you wanted. That’s great!


Congrats on your first session of Reiki, @Vermilion_plus_souls! It sounds like it’s something you’ve dreamed of for a while, I’m happy that your wish came true. And not only that it came to be, but that you had a really great time as well! :blush:

Beautiful Tiger’s Eye too- what a gift! :heart_eyes: :brown_heart:

Wishing you all the best with your future Reiki studies and experiences- have fun! :sparkles:


It sounds like you had an amazing experience, @Vermilion_plus_souls :tada: That’s awesome! I have yet to experience reiki or anything other healing like this, but one day I will.

I hope you get to take the classes in the future!


I now understand what some of you were saying about an energy release. I felt awesome Wednesday Thursday and Friday and started getting a headache on Saturday and woke up super achy yesterday. I think things are balancing back out though.


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