First time celebrating samhain

This will be my first time celebraring Samhain n i was wondering if any suggestions. Obviously halloween ( and Samhain ) is in October for north hemisphere but in south hemisphere we dont have the same stuff going on this coming week leading up to sahmain. I was just wondering how might celebrate samhain when its not seen as that holiday at this time… like any suggestions of celebrating samhain when live in south hemisphere n halloween doesnt fall arou.f tbis time. Would appreciate any suggestions. Hope everyone is well.


Hey Danni! I realize you’re in the Southern Hemisphere so I went around and found some resources for celebrating Samhain in the Sourthern Hemisphere. If you’re not subscribed, Owlvine Green is a witch that lives in Australia and has a YouTube channel. Here’s one from a few years ago where she talks about her Samhain experiences.

She also did a video where she recommends other Australian channels which, I’m not sure if that’s where you are, but I’m sure there are some resources there for information.

On Spells8 there is a post about the Sabbats in the Southern Hemisphere that you might find helpful!

All in all, I think the usual ways of celebrating Samhain would still be acceptable. Here are a few more sources for celebrating Samhain. You kind of have to remember that Halloween is a derivative of Samhain, and while the rest of the Southern Hemisphere isn’t celebrating Halloween, you are still well within your right to celebrate Samhain!

You might also like to create an ancestor altar to honor the dead at this time of year. Here are some resources for that, too!

You may even feel like creating your own traditions. I know it can be hard when the original holiday doesn’t line up with your seasons, especially since Samhain is very much a Celtic holiday. I think with a little ingenuity and some intuition you will definitely find a way of celebrating that works for you.


Megan shared a treasure trove of great resources for you, so my best advice is to remember that you aren’t alone- there are plenty of witches in the Southern Hemisphere who are celebrating Samhain too :blush: :candle:

When you find a ritual you like (or make your own Sabbat rituals- that’s always a great way to go about it!) feel free to share here in the forum! While the north and south may be celebrating different holidays, we are still all celebrating a Sabbat at the same moment :handshake: :infinite_roots: :tada:

Good luck and blessed holiday, Danni! :sparkles:


Thankyou @MeganB and @TheTravelWitch_Bry for you suggestions n resources. It really is so appreciated. ( now i hope the @ button works after all thus time i could never figure out how ppl added that n i thinj i just figured it out, i hope). @MeganB that does look like an awrsome treasure trove of resoyrces. So thankyou so much for all of that it is soooo appreciated. Again thanks for the suport from bith if you i do appreciate it n its nice to know not alone so thankyou for always being encouraging n welcoming of me. :cherry_blossom::bouquet::rose::hibiscus:


Hi well i honestly decorate my alter in things such as pumpkins and herbs which are readily available. I also honour my ancestors and say some prays and light a black candle… This year for me also is the first Samhain (pronounced sow-in) in the southern hemisphere here is Sydney Australia and i found a wonderful Witch circle in Newton i will be attending for the first time ever. So not sure how available it is for you to do so but celebrating alone is also an option where you can even check out here on spells8 activities to do on a new moon/black moon… :blush:


I love these ideas so thankyou for sharing them @TheMuslimWitch. Ill definatly check out seeing if i can get some pumkins n herbs for altar. I need to get more black candle but as i need food those are all things that i can get at same time at the big shops. Im on other side of country so im not sure what things might be going on here but ill definatlt check out all the suggestions everyobes suggested here n its so nice to know there are others on here that are celebrating similar things down south as me, sometimes i ferl a lil out of step with the world cause like im trying to follow the seasons in southern hemisphere but the normal holidays around those times that is associated to the sabbats are at different times like halloween eben in southern hemisphere is October but samhuin is end april start of may. So i sometimes feel a bit like im alone celebrating sabbats by the southern hemisphere dates not the northern hemisphere dates where the normal holidaus even here seem to fall. Im not sure if that made sense. But thanks again everyone for support n suggestions. Its so appreciated.


You’re so, so welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m happy to know that they’re helpful. :pray:


It is always a pleasure, Danni- that’s what the coven is here for! Us witches gotta support one another :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Wishing you good luck and a wonderful Samhain- blessed be! :sparkles:


No makes perfect sense! I too felt this way in the beginning since it is the opposite here in the Southern hemi, however if you think about it it makes sense as well are following the seasons rather than traditional holidays such as Easter and Halloween etc… This does not mean we cannot incorporate these elements in our practice for example decorate eggs for Ostara in September or add decorations…
A little tip is when these holidays do come and you like some decorations such as egg deco or rabbits etc, buy them once Easter finishes as the price goes down and other people are uninterested, and by the time Ostara comes round you are prepare. Same for Samhain just gather Halloween decorations and supplies that you can store after Halloween is finished or even better reuse ones you brought for the occasion if you celebrate the holidays :blush:


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