Florida Water … first batch!

Very excited! I just made my first batch of Florida Water using the recipe found here! It’s sitting on my balcony tonight to get some moon energy injected into it! I’m so excited about this Flower Moon. Prepping for some spell casting to boost some personal positive intentions into my life and believing that this is my time to succeed on these intentions! I’m so new to all this, but the information here is making me feel more empowered to be brave and live my best life being whom I was created to be. Embracing wisdom that comes from studying the power of meditation, prayer, spell casting, crystals, candles and incense. This is a journey… my journey… but I feel blessed to be able to share this here as I don’t have anyone else to share these moments with. Thanks for reading and helping me not feel so alone. Sincerely…. Becca


How exciting! I remember when I made my first batch on the stove from this recipe too! I thought it smelled amazing! I have some in an amber spray bottle to cleanse things & my area.

I’m happy you are feeling so connected the more that you learn. Things will unfold for you & I’m sure you will find your way, but you’re right, you’re not alone! We are all traveling our paths & this is where they cross. So feel free to ask any questions or share any information that you may have. :two_hearts:


Whoa! That’s great! Good job, @BeccaAnn!


When you said florida water you made me feel so good to know :relieved: that you are making such good recipes for yourself @BeccaAnn.

I have never done the recipe from scratch but I can imagine the good job that you did making this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I do have ready made florida water at hand, I just might do a spell for this full moon using florida water :droplet:.


Florida Water smells amazing when it’s being made or diffused. It’s so versatile too in my practice. A quick spritz can brighten my day & that’s usually when I use the diffuser blend. :heartpulse:


Congrats on your Florida Water, @BeccaAnn- the Flower Moon has a lovely energy to charge your water with :hibiscus: :full_moon_with_face: May it help to enhance your future spellwork! :sparkles:

I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying your time here and that you are thriving on your magickal journey- keep going strong, Becca! Your coven is cheering for you! :infinite_roots: :tada:

Happy casting and blessed be :heart: