For the Love of the Moon: A Selene Night Ritual

[White clouds and blue sky during daytime photo – Free Sky Image on Unsplash]

I wanted to share a ritual that I’ve been working on, dedicated to Selene, the enchanting goddess of the moon. This ritual is particularly close to my heart as it involves invoking Selene’s energies for transformation.

As an enjoyer of night and moon magick, I’ve always been drawn to Selene’s presence in the night sky. This ritual incorporates elements deeply connected to her – moonstone or selenite, which are stones of lunar power; white or silver candles, symbolising the moon’s radiant light; and jasmine, a flower that blooms at night, releasing its intoxicating fragrance under the moon’s watchful eye.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth, clarity, or a deeper connection with the divine feminine, this ritual offers a path to explore the depths of your spiritual journey under the moon’s gaze. I’m excited and perhaps a bit nervous to share the details of this ritual with you all, and I would love to hear about your experiences if you decide to try it.


  • Moonstone or selenite crystal
  • White or silver candles
  • Jasmine flowers or jasmine essential oil
  • A small bowl of water
  • A piece of white cloth or altar cloth
  • An image or symbol representing Selene (optional)



  1. Choose a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, preferably under the night sky where the moon is visible. Lay the white cloth on a flat surface to create your altar.

  2. Place the moonstone or selenite at the centre of the cloth. Arrange the candles around the stone, and place the bowl of water in front of the stone. Scatter jasmine flowers around the altar or sprinkle a few drops of jasmine oil.

  3. Before beginning the ritual, cleanse your space and self. You can do this by burning sage or simply by visualising a purifying light enveloping the space.

[Total lunar eclipse photo – Free Moon Image on Unsplash]


  1. Light the white or silver candles, starting with the one closest to you and moving clockwise. As you light each candle, focus on the flame and imagine it drawing down the pure energy of the moon.

  2. Invoke the elements (earth, air, fire, water) if this aligns with your practice, asking for their guidance and protection in your ritual.

  3. Hold the moonstone or selenite in your hands. Close your eyes and visualise the stone absorbing the moon’s energy. Feel its connection to Selene and her lunar power.

  4. Holding the crystal, recite the following to Selene. Speak with intention, allowing your voice to carry your request to the goddess. Visualise the words as a stream of light ascending to the moon.

In the still of the sombre, starlit night,
Where shadows whisper and pale moonlight
Casts a ghostly glow on the world below,
Selene, mistress of dreams, in your radiance, we bestow.

Oh, ethereal queen of the midnight hour,
Cloaked in the mystery of thy celestial bower,
Through the silken veil of the darkened sky,
Hear the solemn hymn, my spirit’s silent cry.

In the depth of the night, under your cold, watchful eye,
Where the quiet moonbeams dance and softly lie,
Grant me the wisdom of the ancient and unseen,
In the hushed embrace of your kingdom, ever serene.

Like a phantom wandering in endless despair,
Seeking solace in the cool, nocturnal air,
I call upon thee, Selene, in your majesty,
To bestow your blessing, set my bound spirit free.

In the realm where shadows merge and meld,
In the silent stories by starlight spelled,
Let the essence of night, in its purest form,
Be the chalice from which my new soul is born.

For in the heart of the dark, under your silent reign,
Lies the arcane path, where truth and mystery deign,
Selene, in your enigmatic, luminous sphere,
Enshroud my soul, in your light, draw near.

Let your argent chariot in the heavens drift,
Through the veil of eternity, my soul uplift,
In your ethereal glow, let my spirit be clad,
In the haunting beauty of the night, both sombre and sad.


  1. Place the crystal back on the altar. Dip your fingers in the bowl of water, and sprinkle some drops on the altar while making your personal petitions.

  2. Sit quietly and meditate on the moon’s energy. Feel its serene light enveloping you, filling you with peace, wisdom, and the power of the goddess. Stay in this meditative state as long as you feel necessary.

  3. Thank Selene for her presence and blessings. Extinguish the candles starting with the one furthest from you, moving counter-clockwise. If you invoked the elements, thank them for their protection and guidance.

  4. Ground yourself by eating something, taking deep breaths, or walking barefoot on the earth. This helps in bringing you back to the present moment.

  5. Store the moonstone or selenite in a special place, such as your altar or under your pillow, to maintain your connection with Selene.

[Mountain ranges during nighttime photo – Free Moon Image on Unsplash]

Once I’ve completed the ritual tonight and have had a moment to collect my thoughts, I’ll be back to share both my experience and photos of this enchanting evening.


Wonderful ritual! Simply wonderful! Thanks for sharing!


This is ethereal - such a soothing and beautiful chant to Selene! :full_moon: :sparkles:

It was lovely to read the spell and I’ll look forward to hearing your post-spellwork reflections!

Thank you for sharing, Katerina! :white_heart::sparkles:


You’re making me feel the gentle moonlight on my heart again, the same kind that drew me to Selene in the first place :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :silver_heart:

Still waters, under a starry sky, in perfect silence. The night is alive with magic. There are fireflies, and the Moon is casting a silvery bridge on the water, that maybe, just maybe you could step on. Where would it carry you? :crescent_moon:


This is a lovely ritual! :purple_heart: But I can’t help but think of the dangers of fire :fire:and me! :laughing::rofl: I see myself lighting the one in front of me and burning myself or knocking it over as I reach for one to the side or the back! :laughing::rofl:


I’m glad you like it. :black_heart: I’d just finished rewatching The Fall of the House of Usher (so my partner could see it for the first time) and was feeling a little Poe-like. :grin:

Aww. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m happy to be able to do so.

This is so beautiful. :sparkles: :full_moon: :heart_eyes:

I had a moment of wondering with the bath ritual. I was reaching over the already lit candles to light the next ones and when I was done, I checked my arm like, “I didn’t burn myself along the way, did I?” :laughing:

I’ve been thinking about LED candles. :thinking: I’ve seen beautiful ones that would work as wonderful replacements for actual candles. And I believe they would keep with the spirit of fire. The electricity that creates light also creates heat, in varying degrees depending on the type of bulb, so there is still the fire element in the symbolic electrical version, too. :heart_on_fire:


I thought I replied to this but I must’ve been on my phone and just thought about it!

This is a gorgeous ritual and a beautiful post! Love, love, love it! I’m printing this for my BoS and to try it for myself very soon! :crescent_moon:


I often find myself improvising, adding my… uh… “personal touches”… Even when I write the spell/ritual myself. This time was no different as I prepared a ritual for Selene, for the moon has always fascinated me with its serene and luminous presence.


I started by retrieving my selenite bowl. Instead of sprinkling jasmine flowers around the space, I placed them in the bowl. This small change would make cleaning up afterwards easier, so I’m glad for that.

Next, I selected stones that resonated with lunar energies. A raw rainbow moonstone, a symbol of feminine intuition and energy, and a black moonstone palm stone, known for its grounding and protective properties. Alongside them, I placed a small jar filled with crystals dedicated to the moon. Each element imbued with meaning and purpose, creating a harmonious ensemble that honours Selene.

Then came the candles – two white soy candles, simple yet elegant. I placed them in little holders atop more substantial ones to protect the fabric underneath from any stray wax droplets. While I could have used more candles, something about the simplicity and symmetry of just two felt right, sufficient to create the ambience I sought.

A coincidence occurred during my last tarot reading of the day… I had drawn The Moon card, a direct symbolic representation of the lunar goddess. This felt like a sign urging me to include the card in the ritual. It seemed to solidify the connection.

My ritual setup felt almost complete, but something was missing –- my wand. It lay there, uninvolved, until I realised I wanted it to be a part of this. Laying it across the top of my arrangement felt instinctively right. The wand, topped with a smoky quartz, wasn’t particularly connected to Selene, but its presence was essential. It had been guided into creation by Hekate and Lilith, deities whose energies intertwine with the lunar realm in their own unique ways, but aren’t directly connected to her, as far as I know. It felt right, anyway.

As the ritual unfolded, the candles burned with an unexpected calmness. Despite the air conditioning creating a breeze in the room, the flames remained steady, undisturbed. This small detail struck me – it was as if the elements themselves were aligning to honour Selene, ensuring the perfect ambience for my devotion.

The experience was peaceful, one of the most connected rituals I’ve conducted. I didn’t capture any more photographs than this, but the memories etched in my mind are vivid and full of deep feelings. There was a sense of peace that enveloped me, a connection so intense it was almost tangible. I emerged from the ritual slightly stunned, overwhelmed by the strength of the bond I had just experienced.

This ritual to Selene was a reminder of the beauty in improvisation, in following one’s intuition. It was a testament to the power of personalising one’s spiritual practice, of making it a true extension of oneself.

As I reflected on the serene flames, the sweet jasmine, and the gentle energy of the moonstones, I was filled with gratitude for this deeply personal and meaningful communion with the divine. :silver_heart:


I love this ritual so much! Your chant to her is so beautiful :heart_eyes:. I love your tarot deck. I have the libra card by the same artist. Thank you i can’t wait to try this!!!


That sounds so lovely :smiling_face: :silver_heart:

And I love how you’re adapting even your own rituals intuitively to what feels right in the moment. The energies shift all the time, what felt right yesterday might have a better alternative today, and I feel our inner compasses are attuned to that :pink_heart:

The pictures are so beautiful too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m glad you like it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Selene’s connecting with Artemis made me think of you often when writing it.

Thank you~ :silver_heart:

That’s awesome! I wanted to get the tarot prints as well as the deck, but they don’t ship them to Australia. It makes sense, I guess… They’re so likely to get damaged on the way. :cry:

For sure. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Inflexible things are prone to breaking after all, while flexible things will simply bend even in the strongest of gales and eventually find the strength to right themselves afterwards. :silver_heart:

Thank you~ :silver_heart: It was a nice change to take spiritual photos where there were many white subjects for once. I love the dark, but editing the photos later so that the whites actually look somewhat white turns out to be quite fun.

Oh, and you should have seen me move the pieces around to try to get nice photos. :crazy_face:


Oh wow, this is a gorgeous ritual, @starborn :heart_eyes:

What an amazing ritual - beautiful to watch it unfold for you, including the way you improvised in the moment. I’m glad you had this moment of connection with the Divine - it seems your soul needed the peace.


@ starborn my sister, one of the most beautiful rituals I’ve read!
your singing is amazing!
be blessed!
Thank you for sharing this with the family! :pentagram:


Beautifully written. Love it. I was wondering about Selene before the demons caught me eye :laughing:


Why not both :wink:

I know the answer, limited time and attention, even if our love is unlimited :sweat_smile: :black_heart: :silver_heart: :heart:

So many beautiful beings in this world :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Your right. And I need to add gym back to my schedule regularly. So it’s gonna even less time I have :exploding_head:


I have to drive to chiro take me like an hour or so total there and back shower make dinner study go to my altar study again hour of TV then bed. I’m dreading how long the chirotrip will be with four chapters being due every Monday plus a paper. But I need to go to chiro. I go once a week missed the last two weeks cuz of school work and midterm. Back hurts. My muscles just get so tight and are always that way. I wish there was more time in a day. Def not enough time. Hope I’m not too annoying :laughing:


You just reminded me to do my workout, and start doing it more regularly :smile: Definitely helps me feel better.

I’ve noticed that happens when I’m stressed a lot or just don’t have enough time to recover… my shoulders especially get very tense. Now that I’ve had plenty of time to myself, learned meditation and mindfulness, and do regular yoga it’s got so much better. I used to have a deep massage and needles on my back once or twice a month, now I only need that occasionally.

I’m hoping once you graduate and can move to a job that works better for you (and less toxic people in your life) you’ll have more time and space again to be you and enjoy life :heart:

Not to me at least, I’m glad to hear how you’re doing :people_hugging:


:purple_heart: :black_heart: :green_heart:


Thankyou so much that’s very kind of you to say. :people_hugging::people_hugging::people_hugging::people_hugging::people_hugging:

And for sure about stress and toxicity in your life. Emotions can get trapped in your muscles and really weak havoc. A few times tears just stream down my face and I start crying hard when I get to my car. Because she releases a lot of trapped garbage. She says it is very common