Forum Birthday, Personal Celebrations, and Musings on Community

The challenge of celebrations this week has got me thinking about many different things. I wasn’t quite sure what I was even going to write about because, in the grand scheme of things, so little time has passed. But the truth is? 2020 was a massive year, even if it was the same 12 months that we always have. A lot of upheavals happened. A lot of death. A lot of sicknesses. A lot of change. A lot of truth brought to light about people in power and people in poverty.

Personal Celebrations

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The celebration of the birthday of Spells8 coincided with a personal celebration – I received my second dose of the covid vaccine. This has been a long-time coming and something that I didn’t even realize was weighing on me as heavily as it was. But now I’m vaccinated. Now I know I am helping to protect myself, my family, and the wider community. Even though I felt like absolute trash for about 36 hours after the second dose, I kept reminding myself that it is a privilege to feel that way. It was a privilege for me to know that my immune system was doing its job. I have friends in other countries who can’t get vaccinated yet because they either don’t have any available or it isn’t open to their age group yet. My body is working, and that is something to celebrate!

Spells8 and Our Infinite Roots Coven


A seed was planted two years ago
Watered with love, it continues to grow.
Roots now spread from shore to shore,
May the coven celebrate for many years more!

Blessed be! :infinite_roots: :heart:
The Travel Witch

I found Spells8 actually through Francisco! I was invited here to help him create content and grow a wonderful and beautiful community. I have the privilege of working alongside our other wonderful moderators to cultivate a community that is inclusive, tolerant, and educational while still being a place we can go to when we need a shoulder to lean on. Spells8 has grown so much in my time here, and I’ve grown, too! Seeing everyone participating, asking questions, answering questions, and providing support genuinely makes my heart so happy.

I love being part of this community because, even though I’m not Wiccan myself, I still feel free and safe to share information that would not generally be considered Wiccan. I feel comfortable answering questions and knowing that the sense of community we have built here is built on a foundation of trust and understanding that though our paths may be similar, everyone is inherently different in the way they believe, practice, and think.

Even though I may not be fully present and able to read every single post and reply, I feel the energy that we have created as a collective. We all genuinely care for one another and that is a beautiful thing.

Over Bealtaine, I was sitting outside next to my fire alone. My daughter had gotten bored and headed for the house. No one else in my family celebrates with me because that’s just not their thing. That’s entirely okay, and I’ve accepted that I will probably celebrate holidays on my own. But something that I crave intensely is a community, a physical community to celebrate with, dance around a bonfire, have meals with, and spread joy, love, and education through magick. I don’t have that right now and I’ve accepted that I may not ever. The next best thing, though, is the online community that I’m part of here. I can come here and post about my day in the general category and know that whatever I’m going through, I will have support. I can post things I’m learning about or teaching in the Witchy Wisdom category and get questions and answers! I can even host my Freebie Friday and give readings to those who may not be able to afford them otherwise.

Community and right relationship are large parts of my practice. And being here with you all, giving you the support you need, the answers you need, and someone to talk to? This is a privilege and something definitely worth celebrating!

I want to say thank you to every single one of you who feels safe and comfortable posting here. You all truly make this forum a wonderful place and without you, we’d just be talking and posting to cyberspace, waiting for someone to answer.

So while we’re celebrating the birthday of Spells8, let’s also not forget to celebrate you for being here and making Spells8 and our Infinite Roots Coven the best it can be!

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I have loved this challenge so much :heartpulse: Hearing everyone’s personal stories and journeys has been such a heartwarming experience :heartpulse: Blessed Be :heartpulse:


@MeganB It’s a privilege to have shared this journey with you since the very beginning! I remember the first video of yours that I watched (“Say No to plastic Witchcraft”) and I immediately knew that your presence and contributions would add lots of substance to each conversation in the forums. :speech_balloon: :woman_mage:

Wiccan or not, we both care about this planet and we’ll try to leave it better than we found it, each in their own way. Your Magick is appreciated and your energy is very valuable in the Coven! Thanks for your loyalty and wisdom! :pray: :sparkles:


Cheers to you, Megan! :heart: This was a beautiful read and really nurtured a feeling of gratitude and love for the community. Thanks so much for all you do and all the generous wisdom you spread- it is an honor to be in the coven with you! :hugs:

And another congrats to you for your vaccination! :partying_face: Love and Light!


I know we’ve discussed this before off the site, but I remember around the time I joined this girl was moving across the country. Everybody was showing her so much love! (More than a few of you moved last year. Must have been the year?) I wondered,

Is the group this nice to everyone or is there something special about her?

Over nearly a year later I can answer that. Yes, this group is that nice to everyone. Yes, there is something special about you. Your work behind the scenes shows how much you care about this coven. The material you freely share here and on your site shows how much you care about your practice. I love your videos and I share them with people who don’t practice just so they can understand witchcraft/paganism isn’t evil, it’s beautiful.

I am thankful for you, friend.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Blessings to you @Liisa

Aww thank you @Francisco :hugs: I appreciate it! It’s been so long since I even made that video and it’s surprising to even me to see how far we’ve all come together!

:partying_face: @TheTravelWitch Thank you! So much gratitude and love for everyone else here, too. Without our group effort, we wouldn’t have the wonderful :infinite_roots: coven we have!

Those are such beautiful and kind words @praecog29 :blush: Thank you so, so much! I can’t believe it hasn’t even been a year for you here! It feels like so much longer :sweat_smile: