Found some cool stuff on date night last night

So last night was date night and one of the places we went was a used book store and I found a couple of really neat items. The first thing that caught my eye was an astrology book for writing my own birth chart and how to read it and then I found a book that has all kind of information on herbs, rituals and basic witch tips but it also has pages to write in as a sort of BOS. I WAS NOT leaving without those two books

And then we went into another store called earthbound and I got a beautiful evil eye bracelet

And I also came across a vile of iron pyrite and decided I needed it too

Just wanted to share my witchy finds with you all. I can’t wait to add them to my new altar in my new she-shed that the boyfriend just gave me :rofl::grin: my own little space for my practice and tools. I’ll post pictures as I get things done in there


WOW! Great haul. I’ve been wanting that Deborah Blake book, I hope it’s a good one.


Oh, those are amazing finds! I love when things like that happen & it’s like… well, this is definitely coming home with me! I’m happy that you have your own dedicated space for your altar & tools! That’s so exciting too. I hope you get it set up just the way you like & it serves you well! So nice to see you back in the forum! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@phoenix_dawn i have that same bracelet. :grin::grin:


I love it @Mistress_Of_Herbs


@Susurrus I’m so excited to get started working on putting together my she-shed. I’ve already got a table in mind to use for my altar (a beautiful clawfoot glass top coffee table) and the shed has a porch where I’ll put my plants and fairy garden and I’m super excited about the possibilities. I’m having to restart my BOS all over again but I’ve got lots of neat ideas and things to work on for it too. :grin:


@Amethyst I thumbed through it today it’s a really good outline for starting a BOS with some very basic but interesting in depth info


Oh wow! That all sounds fantastic & so exciting for you. I’m working on a written BoS, so the one I currently have is like a rough draft of sorts :laughing:

I’m very happy for you & I hope it works awesome for you. The table sounds amazing :star_struck:


Cool. I may have to get it one day. Thank you!


Beautiful treasures! The books look like fun, and you are rocking the new bracelet :nazar_amulet: :sparkles:

But the best gift of all has to be the she-shed, that is so cool! :heart_eyes: Have fun making it your own, it’s going to be an awesome place for you and your practice! :grinning: :two_hearts:


What great finds! I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the books :slight_smile:


Great finds! Any date that includes a book store is a date for me! Especially used ones… they smell so good!


I missed this post, too! :sob:

Those look like great finds - I’ve always been interested in astrology and planetary magick. I may have to pick up that book for myself.

A she-shed sounds like an amazing gift, too. I hope you have fun there and I can’t wait to see the pictures you share!


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