Four Simple Cleansing Methods! 🔥

Hey everyone! :heart: I wanted to share my newest video with you. I recently created a new little bag for a set of oracle cards and, since the yarn itself was actually recycled, I wanted to be sure to cleanse it ahead of time. So, I made this short little video to show you four very simple ways you can cleanse a new-to-you-object :heart:

Watch the video here if you want! → How to cleanse an object? || Four SIMPLE methods for easy cleansing! [CC] - YouTube

What are some of your favorite ways to cleanse?


Great video! I usually use smoke or moonlight, but I like the idea of the bell. I have a pretty little silver bell, and I don’t use it often enough.


I think bells are a very underrated tool in witchcraft practices! Need to clear the energy? Use a bell! Need to signal the beginning and end of ritual? Use a bell! Need a trigger to call in spirits? Use a bell! They’re very versatile little tools :bell:


Thank you for sharing! I’m bookmarking this to watch later.

For clearing energy, I have two rattle type tools… one is an old tic tac box filled with rice (sounds cheap but it works lol), and the other is a little dried gourd from South America, carved like an owl. :owl: The seeds inside rattle when you shake it.

Sound vibration is definitely powerful!

Although I will admit, I hope to get a little bell someday. :bell:


Oh my Gods, this is genius! I love this idea! You’ve given me some inspiration to help the kids in my house do some sound cleansing of their own. :thinking:


Hooray for a new video! :tada: And wow that intro is beautiful- I feel like my space got cleansed just from watching and hearing your introduction, it’s really artfully done :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m such a salt girl- a handful of sea salt or rock salt is usually my go to. I love to toss some in spells, throw it on equipment, or sprinkle it around the space. I don’t really know why, but it always feel good and gives me a sense of finality about it :grinning: :salt:

It does make a mess though lol- I should probably experiment with other ways to cleanse! The bell is a great idea :bell: :wind_chime: :sparkles:

Thanks so much for this, Megan! :heart:


Oh, thank you! I tried really hard on that one :sweat_smile: It’s definitely a new intro style for me.

Salt is definitely a great one to use! I plan on using some today, actually, when I vacuum the house! I’m glad you enjoyed the video :blush:


I’m glad you love the tic tax box idea @MeganB :heart:


Your hard work paid off! It’s really beautiful :heart:

And hooray! Good luck with your vacuuming and cleansing work- may it all go well! :salt::sparkles::grinning:


@MeganB YESSSS, Brilliant — sound is the primary way I cleanse brand new, recycled, or gifted to me items. It’s so important to do! While a typical intense/herbal cleanse, moon cleansing or other forms works well for me for items I currently own and want to cleanse and do a reset on, if i need an extra UMPH I always use sound!

Here’s the reason - Sharp, sudden and especially metallic sounds vibrate on a frequency beyond what our ears can detect - so the objects and atmosphere must then resonate in harmony and neutralizing the space. These frequencies even penetrate resistant energy blocks that smudging alone can’t always get rid of. It’s an all-encompassing cleanse!

Different methods of sound cleansing date back thousands of years - I will use what I have access to, a bell, a sound bowl, coins in a bag, drums, tapping on a table, rice in a tic tac box ;), flicking an empty wine glass…sometimes I’m away and buy a piece of jewelry and want to do a cleanse and wear it immediately, this makes that possible! Even if you just have your hands, you can clap - I’ve tested out different household items and objects and know what typically resonates the most with me - it’s important to experiment and get comfortable with it.

It’s also very important to listen to the tone of the sounds you create. I believe that the duller the noise, the denser and more clogged up that area is. You may need to make the sound several times before you notice the tone becoming higher, clearer, and cleaner. Over time, as you use sound tools more often, you’ll develop a feel for the kind of sound that chases out the negative energy.:mega::woman_fairy:

Thanks for the new video! :movie_camera:


I completely forgot about this part :laughing: this is second nature to me as someone that plays a musical instrument. Even the slightest difference in tone can be an indicator of something else off. Thanks for the reminder – plus all the extra ideas :thinking: :heart:


I use a selenite bowl for all my crystals after I’ve used them before I put them back up. I place them in the bowl at night and store them in the morning when I’m getting that day’s crystals. For spaces, I use either incense or sound (bell or clap if I’m not at home), depending on the space and my mood. I store a selenite wand in my tarot box but also have cleansing runes on the bottom. I’ll use incense on small objects (new altar items, spell ingredients, jars/bowls/bottles). I also add essential oils to my shampoo/conditioner for my showers. I have a bar of soap that is made with some cleansing herbs but I don’t remember what they are now. It smells good though. :joy:


I have a selenite wand but I haven’t used it for cleansing yet. It’s sitting on a shelf by my desk. I’ve thought about using it for self cleansing, holding it near my heart or chest for a few moments a day while I let it draw out any negativity, but I just haven’t done it yet. Do you find the selenite does an adequate job of cleansing?


It works well for crystals and with my tarot decks as long as I’m the only one handling them. If I am doing a reading for a friend/family member, I let them shuffle while setting their intention for the reading. In this case, I usually do an incense cleanse before putting them up with the selenite. I have not tried it for self cleansing but now I’m going to try during my next meditation!


I have heard of people using selenite wands as a sort of body roller for self-cleansing. That’s how I plan on using it!


@MeganB i use Selenite wands in varying sizes for aura, energy, body cleansing & sometimes as part of a cleansing or clearing ritual I will hold it or lay down with the wands laid over me with Clear Quartz points between them & at my feet & head.

I always feel better afterward & lighter, clearer. I will use it to kind of slowly sweep away from my body, like a magnet collecting the enery & sweeping it away. Or to smooth out energy by waving it up & down my front back & sides.

I will have to start using my bell again for items, I use Selenite a lot for my crystals & different areas of my space… I have wands, plates, bowls, slabs… really a lot… & i have given several pieces away as gifts. :rofl:

I do use smoke for my decks of cards mostly & my space & rooms in the main house.


Thanks for sharing how you use selenite wands, @Susurrus! I am going to start incorporating this into some of my mediations. I have a few chunks of selenite all over, lol! I have a bowl for my crystals and two different worry stones, one with the triple goddess and one with the sacred hexagon - both from Tamed Wild :joy:.


Maybe it was you that I was thinking about @Susurrus in how you use Selenite wands :thinking: I honestly don’t remember but it’s what is currently inspiring me!


I only use selenite to cleanse crystals, and new items for their initial introduction into my witchy ‘wares’. I ‘cleanse’ all my selenite in the full moon each month. Maybe I should broaden my scope with it hmmm :thinking:


I use Selenite to cleanse crystals, myself, & charms but also put them under the Full Moon when the weather allows it or the ones I know I’ll be using through the following month.

I put my cards & jewelry under the moon too.

I do use smoke, but I am excited to try sound with my bell!