Free Guides on Modifying Your Practice for Concealment, Disability, or Illness

While these fall under demonolatry books, they have some useful information for all. It’s nonexhaustive, hence why they’re free. But I’ll share nevertheless as I feel that even when they say something “obvious,” there is comfort in it. :black_heart:

Here’s some of the rationale from the author in the introduction:

I began getting requests for books about modification for those who could not practice with props due to disabilities, incarceration, or because they have to live with someone who either doesn’t care for the practice of Deamonolatry under their roof, or doesn’t know about it.

And yep, they’re free.

You can get all of the guides as paperbacks, in popular eBook formats, or as eventual free PDFs through

See? :smile:

Hidden: Living With the Uninitiated by S. Connolly

This books talks about coming out, concealing your practice, and many basic alternatives. For example,


Use Candles – Candles are used to illuminate and create atmosphere. A dim lamp, different color light bulbs, and even faux candles made with LEDs can be used as substitutes. If you do your work in the astral temple, a comfortable place to sit or lie down and a small light should be just fine. For what it’s worth, light is completely unnecessary.

Use Incense – then don’t. It’s perfectly okay to skip the incenses and oils. That isn’t to say these things don’t add to the experience and energy in ritual, but rituals can be done without them. If you can use incense but you just can’t make your own – find a standard frankincense and/or sandalwood blend (both are usually sold just about everywhere) in a stick. Use that.

Modified Daemonolatry: A Guide for Daemonolaters With Disabilities & Illness by S. Connolly

This book is pretty much as described. It repeats some of the information from the last one, but with more information for those with disabilities and illnesses. For example,

I cannot hear – so how can I experience vibration, sound, invocation? You can still feel. We have so many different senses that when one is impaired it’s often believed another becomes more sensitive. Use your emotions, thoughts and feelings to invoke and share your requests or prayers with all that is.

I suffer from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, or other condition that causes me great pain and/or exhaustion. – When working long rituals, be sure you take breaks. I imagine you have all heard of the “spoon” theory by now. You only have so many spoons you can use each day. Belial is not going to smite you if you don’t do your Rite to Him at the stroke of the Winter Solstice. Plan ahead for important rituals and be sure to carefully allocate your spoons that day so you don’t overdo it.


Ooh, thanks for this! I’ve often thought there needed to be a Pagan with Disabilities book.


Lots of useful insights here. Thanks so much for sharing. I think it is a shame anything need be hidden. I like the idea of hiding in plain sight. use of imagination, meditation. To those incarcerated, I point to this quote from Archie Williams, “Freedom is of the mind. I went to prison but I never let my mind go to prison.” And to anyone who needs a boost about the power of human spirit to overcome, you could do worse than to read Viktor Frankl’s " Man’s Search for Meaning.


This is a great quote. It works in many places, too. For example, my partner took this mentality with them to their early jobs which were focused around physical labour. As in, the job may have dominated their physical being (as they were doing factory work), but their mind during those 8 hours remained free, and they generally thought of anything but what they were physically doing. It helped them get through it.

I was recommended this by an older teacher a long time ago, to better understand what the Slavs in the Balkans went through during this period, as many of them also suffered the concentration camp. It was a good read and gets a recommendation from me as well.


What a gift! This is so kind of the author to share their works. Both of the guides here look like they have great information for folks.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share them, @starborn- it is much appreciated! :pray: :heart:


Okay there, Ms. Word Witch, time to get writing! :clap: :sweat_smile: Joking, of course, but if there needs to be a book like that, maybe you can write it!

I don’t have much interest in Demonolatry, but thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with everyone here! :heart: I’m sure many people will find a use for it!


Downloaded, plus just got the app so I can do rituals on the go. Fabulous thanks lovely :partying_face:


Always happy to help however I can. :bowing_woman:

I feel like that was one of the best things about these free guides. You can easily remove the names of demons and they would make sense for anyone. :black_heart:

But you have a good point. Someone could easily write a version to cover all types of witches and therefore make it much more accessible. :thinking: The covers and naming of demonolatry books can be quite alarming.



:rofl:This is sooo true, I had one sat in my wishlist for ages, um do I buy, will I get jinxed :joy:, the cover was dark, but the contents are good. I like the quote from S Connolly
“If you always remember that there is history before Christianity, and that Demons were around long before Christianity became an established religion then you will eventually drop the Christian viewpoint of Demons” .


I absolutely agree. I forget the 3rd but 2 of 3 criteria for a successful product are Fills a need :white_check_mark: Has a sustainable market :white_check_mark:

What do think @Amethyst joint project? :laughing:


And if either of you – @Amethyst & @Nixi – would like an editor, you know where to find me. :smile:


I am not good at writing non-fiction. A total wreck. But thanks for a vote of confidence.

Unless it’s Harry Potter or Loki from the MCU that’s disabled, I’d be awful at it. Much better at fantasy writing. But hey, if you want to go for it, I’ll bring the pom-poms.

Thanks, @starborn!


I’d be all for writing a book! I’m a disabled witch. I can’t stand or walk on my own. I use a walker and a wheelchair. I’ve lost some of the function in my hands. I can’t even get outside my house on my own!
The information shared was very useful!
@Amethyst @starborn @MeganB


Well, I suppose a book needs a name and an outline. From there, magick can happen!

Here are some ideas I’ve thrown together. Starting with a title and cover:

And a table of contents with some content ideas:

And a simplified version of that, with a design that kind of matches the cover:

It goes without saying that these are just ideas. I’m not trying to set anything in stone. :black_heart:


@starborn this is amazing! I love it! :heart: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am in awe, these might be mockups, but they are amazingly stunning! I’d buy that book. :purple_heart:


sorry adhd brain, reading this post backwards… :laughing: I mean… I have been tinkering with putting together my own Shadow-work Workbook :thinking: I’ve got the outline, appendixes, worksheets, and more done.


Oh, nice! Shadow workbooks are always useful. :black_heart:

But yes, same offer goes to you, too! :smile: I’m happy to help.

Especially if I get a 10% off code for the book at the end. :wink: (I’m joking, I’m joking!)


Amazing @starborn I might run with that but with my memory, it’s probably not a solo project :laughing:

Great idea @Artemisia I’ve seen a few but they all look like they were done by someone who only has a basic idea of the concept. One by an actual practicing Witch, especially one as deeply talented as you, would be amazing. Guaranteed customer here :sparkles: (raises hand)


Very nice indeed @starborn.