Free Witch planner 2023

I just wanted to share this planner with everyone!:relaxed: I hope I’m posting it in the right place!:flushed: I found it on a Patreon page. I actually downloaded and printed it out for myself to use. :sparkles:If you’ve noticed the price of what planners cost, they’re not cheap.:smirk:This is perfect for journaling, daily devotional & meditation or just keeping track of everything! I hope you enjoy this freebie as much as I do :purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::heart:

Free 2023 Witch Planner


Oh my goodness, I love this! Thank you for sharing it!


Thank you very much for sharing this. :+1:This is an awesome planner. I love the art work and they have more pretty’s on Etsy!


Thank you so much for the Planner. I can’t wait to go get some new pencils and markers to get started.
Blessed Be,


Thank you for sharing! :revolving_hearts:


Thank you so much for sharing! Love this :heart_eyes:


Hello Friends! :wave:
I’m sorry it took me to long to reply to everyone! I have a seizure disorder, and I had a seizure the day I shared the planner, Sometimes if I have a really bad seizure I’ll lose my memory on things that have happened during the day or even things that I’ve done throughout the day. I literally have no recollection of sharing this planner that day until I started going through the forum comments and likes in my profile! :smirk:

You’re so very welcome! :purple_heart:

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You’re very welcome!
I was lucky that I found this one & I guess I just knew I had to share it with everyone :purple_heart::purple_heart: I’m sure I’ll probably buy one from Etsy next year. :blush:

:joy::joy: That was the first thing I did was pull out my gel pens and colored pencils :purple_heart::purple_heart: it was a great stress relief coloring some of the pages :blush:

You’re welcome :purple_heart:

You’re welcome! :purple_heart: I’m glad you’re enjoying :blush: