Full Moon Eclipse

The Beaver Moon, will occur on November 30th. There will be an Eclipse. The Moon will be in Gemini. It’s going to be a great night for an Esbat. What kinds of activities are you doing for Esbats,?


I forgot all about the eclipse. There is a worksheet for the Eclipse Moon & I believe the Beaver Moon and I am going to charge my crystals for a few hours provided it’s not raining at that time.

I don’t think much else for me. What are you going to be doing for the moon on the 30th?


It depends on how I feel, I have a doctor’s appointment earlier that day that tires me out. I may end up doing something the day after.


I was just wondering if their was a lunar eclipse charm or so for the Esbat ‘


I know there is a Lunar Eclipse PDF, I just can’t find it right now, but I have it printed. Maybe @Francisco or @BryWisteria can help find it.

I’m not sure if there is a Beaver Moon ritual yet, but usually for the different full moons there is a lunar spell or ritual that you can print out for that specific full moon & it comes with a worksheet.


Thanks @John4… I am so impressed that you are on top of these astrological occurrences. Where do you find your information? I ordered a calendar with the phases of the moon for next year…but I have to admit I will have to keep a cheat sheet beside me to read the planet symbols. OR… I could just rely on you! :slight_smile:


In 1976 when I joined the Army and went to Basic training I was standing in formation early one morning while the Drill Sergeant yelled at us; I looked up at the stars and knew there were patterns up there, Constellations and ither celelestial events. So in twenty four years being out doors as much as indoors I could study them. It got so that I could navigate by night with them. Right now there’s a great show; Jupiter and Saturn are in the early night sky with the summer triangle of Vega, Deneb, and Altair pointing right at them. Then Mars and then Venus an hour before Sunrise. Taurus, Orion, Auriga, Gemeni, and Canis Major dominate the sky after Jupiter and Saturn set. All those celestial bodies send some energy here. Some as viewed are as old as the Dinosaurs because it takes their light that long to get here. The whole thing is amazing.


Yes, @Susurrus! :grin: Perhaps this was what you were thinking of:


The ritual page has a lot of info, advice, a shadow journal page, and the accompanying PDF:


And yes! For anyone looking for a specific spell for Monday’s full moon, here’s a lovely Beaver Moon Ritual: :sparkling_heart:


Happy Eclipse/Moon Magick, everyone! :full_moon::sparkles:


My Dad was Navy and a scout for … well, forever. He was the one who taught me about the constellations and planets, comets, etc. neither one of us has the vision to ‘see’ the sky as well as we used to, but I remember. I remember images of the milky way laid out against inky black moonless nights. Too many trees around my house make it hard too. So all the more reason I hope you keep us all posted. THANK YOU @john4 (and thank you for your service!) :heartbeat: :two_hearts: :heartbeat:


Yes! That is exactly what I was looking for, I just couldn’t find it.

I hope that it helps!


According to CafeAstrology.com:

A Lunar Eclipse occurs on November 30, 2020, at 8 degrees and 38 minutes of Gemini , opposing the Sun at 8 degrees and 38 minutes of Sagittarius, and affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 4 to 14 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) most significantly.

This is probably why news sites are all over the place with headlines like “The November 2020 Lunar Eclipse Will Be The Worst For These Zodiac Signs”.


Full Moon in Gemeni; people born under that sign will want to give TED Talks.


The Full Moon Eclipse of November 2020 has passed, but no fear! Feel free to explore the moon-magick and eclipse tags to find current information and resources :black_circle: :sparkles: