Full Moon Elemental Invocation Prosperity Spell 🍎

Hi Witchxxxxs💜

This recipe spell I’m sharing here, it’s something I created and the good news that it worked! I only share stuff that actually works. Because I did some spells these days that were only for experimental purpose and the result was a total disaster! I always like to create spells or adapt some existing one! The point is to know the meaning of the item you are utilizing and also be focused on your true intentions. I recommend The Kybalion if you are interested in the knowledge of hermetic philosophy that resulted today on Law of Attraction.

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Here is it the Spell Recipe…

  • 1 Green 7 day candle;
  • 4 Violet candles;
  • 1 Pyrite stone;
  • 1 red apple;
  • 1 cinnamon incense stick;
  • Coarse salt;
  • A chalice of moon water.

Start imagining all the prosperity that you deserve to receive for your life in the next 30 days. Done that, burn the incense, place the chalice moon water and make the magic circle around you with the coarse salt. Please notice that you’ll need to be in a quiet and empty bedroom or this fantastic spell could be done in the woods… Place the violet candle on each cardinal direction. Put the pyrite right in front of you facing to the south candle.
At last light the Green 7 day candle, take a deep breath and start your meditation visualizing the gnomes bringing you everything you wish and need for your spiritual evolution. Make this moment a unique and intimate experience with yourself!

Place your Green 7 day candle on your toilet, kitchen or nearby your garden fountain. The candle must be in a place where the water is abundant because this symbolize the fluidity in your future life! The red apple is the offering for your gnome, just put it together with the green candle and let it there for 7 days.

Good luck!


Thanks for sharing this spell! :pray:

I agree that experimenting with correspondences and meanings is the best way to find what works!

Also, what do you do with the 7-day candle? Do you snuff it out and then burn it the next day? Or simply let it burn the whole time?

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Just let it burn the whole time :wink:


Ohhhhh this is a very interesting spell, @laura6!

Thank you for sharing what worked for you- it’s great to learn with trial and error, and very helpful when witches share their successes to help others do the same! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love how you incorporated a mix of the elements in this spell- the candles and warmth that cinnamon and apples embody are a great balance with the water aspect of the salt and moon water. I love recipes and spells that bring harmony and balance in this way!

Thank you so much again for sharing! :candle: :two_hearts:


Hey :heart_eyes:

Yeah I love to share my successful results! Witchcraft is a tradition, so we must spread the good word and never lies. I’ll be putting up more spell recipes sooner!

Blessed be :unicorn:


Love it and since I am the local thief…STEALING!! Lol thank you for this spell!

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