Full Moon Rituals, what are some of yours?

Mine is making new moon water, cleansing my space, making protection candles and listening to Stevie Nicks :herb::sparkles:


This full moon just passed I had all these great intentions of doing a spell. But my mind was just not in a good space. So i just went and sat outside with my best friend (my dog) on the cool wet grass and just sat in the moonlight. I did get off my lazy butt and make some moon water.

But it was actually just the nicest feeling (this will sound horrible) sitting alone, away from all the people in my life in the quiet darkess bathed in moonlight. My mind was quiet and it was peaceful. It really was a beautiful thing.


I had smoke cleansed all of my crystals, jewelry, altar items, tools… then I put them under the full moon :full_moon: for the night & made up some moon water in a new bottle that my husband brought home for me. (It’s an old one, it used to hold gun powder!)

I also had a Full Moon Tea :tea: blend that day & night. I went out & sat with the moon & then my boys joined me for chat & to be outside with me. So it was a very nice night & refreshing. :dizzy:


I usually do more but I was in so much dental pain. I just had 2 teeth pulled on Fri. But I managed to make moon water, cleanse and charge a number of crystals, and I did cord pulling. I say pulling because I don’t like the stump that cutting leaves…kinda like shaving. Lol then after I pulled my cords out, I filled it with the white, healing liquid light from my selenite wand.