Fun Day in Little Shops

Today is the one month anniversary of me almost dying. It was the first day I could really drive myself around but I still had plenty of people checking in on me and I had to rest after each stop. By the last stop I was a mess - crying uncontrollably and whatnot. :sob: It’s related to how tired my brain gets. :face_with_head_bandage: This is not who I used to be and I can’t wait until I am back to full health.

Anyway, to celebrate a month of new life :tada:, I decided to go on a shopping spree. :rofl: I was able to check out two local shops that specialize in metaphysical supplies and I found a decent deal on candles for my :candle: magic! I also picked up another tarot deck and two oracle decks. (Go support your local shops. Jeff has enough :moneybag:.)

I’ve already started the cleansing for the cards. I can’t wait to use them. The new tarot deck will be my travel deck. I plan on using both oracle decks with my tarot deck I keep at home. I thought it would be fun to share what I got so here is a pic. (Oh my. I wish I had better lighting. You get the idea, though.)

Messenger Oracle, Moonology Oracle, Radiant Wise Spirit (Waite-Smith) Tarot


Love it! Sorry things got a little emotional today, but its totally understandable! And you know what they say – pain means growth!

Looks like a nice addition to your card collection! I recently got a (knock off, unfortunately) Moonology deck as well & I absolutely love it! Happy reading :slight_smile:


Shopping always makes me feel better! I’m glad you’re physically doing better. And I have the moonology deck. I think you’ll love it!


Did you find the online book to be ok? I know better than to be careless when it comes to buying things I love. Damn knockoffs! Lol


Congrats on your full month of recovery and first driving success! :clap::two_hearts: Take it slow and remember to rest- you’re doing great! And shop therapy is a great way to treat yourself and get an extra boost of positivity :shopping::grin:

And you found such lovely treasures :heart_eyes: Good for you for supporting the local shops- I think they need our patronage now more than ever! Enjoy the decks- you’ve got yourself some truly lovely ones :flower_playing_cards::first_quarter_moon::sparkles:


Yes dear, thank you again for sending it! Xo

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Shopping is a stress reliever for me :slightly_smiling_face: