Cleansing Tarot Cards 🎴 Two Simple Methods

I use my tarot cards every day, and I tend to get a lot of emotional energy attached to them. I make it a habit to cleanse my tarot cards at least once a month. Some decks can go longer, but others get cleansed more often. I wanted to share with you the two easiest methods I have for cleansing your decks.

Why should you cleanse your cards?

Regardless of how often you use them, if you don’t keep your cards hidden away from the world they are bound to have wayward energy attach to them. This could be irritation, anger, joy, or even the restlessness of an animal that nosed your cards. This wayward energy can influence the behavior and draw of the cards, so it’s best to keep them cleansed and as neutral as possible.

Cleanse by Salt

Salt is used within witchcraft and many occult practices because of its crystalline nature. It absorbs and keeps away negative energies, leaving your cards clear and fresh for the next use. I tend to use coarse sea salt, mainly because it is more natural and easier to clean up. For this method, I simple fan out my cards on my altar and sprinkle salt over the top. I leave them like this for at least an entire day, then clean it up and store them somewhere safe.

Cleanse by Smoke

Smoke cleansing is another popular cleansing method that is used for tarot cards, crystals, homes, and people. The most common method of smoke cleansing is using sage, but I prefer to use incense because the smell of burning sage makes me sick. For this method, I light my incense and fan a small stack of cards through the smoke until the entire deck has been cleansed. Then I store them in a safe place and let the incense burn all the way down.

My most recent YouTube video details exactly how I cleanse my own cards.

How to Cleanse a Tarot Deck -- Salt and Smoke || Witchy How-To || Round the Cauldron - YouTube

Do you have a favorite method for cleansing yours?


Thanks for the video! That was very clear!

I would add that sometimes negative energies don’t come from the deck but from thoughts in the reader’s mind.

So while it’s a good idea to cleanse it, we can do a cleansing ritual on ourselves too! Maybe just spending extra time in meditation or reflection, making an effort to ground and center before the reading.


Keep the santo palo close and cleanse them and yourself each time…I sure would not want someone elses negativity on me or my cards. I have not learned to do tarot as of yet… but will be watching your vids about it…


Do you have a Tarot deck yet?

I always enjoyed this site: Individual Tarot Cards

It’s a bit basic but very straightforward. Plus the “opposing cards” helps when you start to do reversed readings.


That’s a very valid point and part of the reason I do my regular cleansing of my decks and myself. I’ll have to add that to the description of my video, too.

I haven’t used Palo Santo much because I think it is a plant that my mom is allergic to - like everything else. I have to be careful with the fragrances, herbs, and plants that I consume, cook with, or burn.


@MeganB, thank you for this video. Great and simple methods for cleansing tarot cards.


@MeganB great info I’m new to tarot reading and what I’m learning is valuable!Thank you so much!


You’re very welcome! :heart: :blush:


What if you have many decks ?
What do you suggest I do if I need to cleanse theme all?


If you have a lot of decks, you may need to cleanse them in batches or use a different method. The two mentioned about, salt and smoke, are just some of the common ones. You can also cleanse with sound, or ask the light of the moon to cleanse them for you. I have some other videos now about cleansing objects! I’ll link them :blush:

How to cleanse an object? || Four SIMPLE methods for easy cleansing! [CC]

Smokeless Cleansing for your Home || Witchy 101 [CC]


I was just going to say, I use the light of the moon to cleanse my many decks. I lay them out on the window sill and the midpoint sill. For me, that’s faster and easier to get multiple cleansed at a time. If I feel one needs particular attention, I’ll use smoke.


That is so smart, I totally forgot about laying them on the window seal.
It’s a full moon tonight so I’ll take my favorites and put them on the window :window: seal.
Thank you