How to Start with New Deck to Me that Someone No Longer Uses

Hi Ladies, i know you have probley all move on from this subject?

But since we are on the topic and it is sunday i wanted to no if it was ok to practice with someone eles cards? there not useing them any more? i was going to cleanse them first? but i am new to all off this? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m not very experienced with tarot but I think it only matters if it matters to you and person whose deck you’d like to borrow.


Typically when you give or get any deck you want to cleanse them however you prefer, with smoke, salt, &/or charging them under a full moon. Cleansing Tarot Cards :flower_playing_cards: Two Simple Methods

@phoenix_dawn has a topic about a way to keep them stored Storing tarot cards with cinnamon

I just got a deck from Kerri Snook - The Radiant Crystal deck. Once I cleansed them, I sleep with them in my pillowcase for up to a week & pull 1 card a day to see if there is a connection or not. So far we are doing pretty good. I have had to give away a deck, but I cleansed it first then had her do her own whatever to it when she started using them. They love her, but didn’t really connect with me.

I hope you don’t mind that I made your question it’s own post, so it will get more answers. :smiling_face:


not at all, i guess i did the same (: thank you though.


No worries, it’s okay! You are very welcome! :smiling_face:


It’s completely fine to practice or use cards that once belonged to someone else :blush: Cleansing them is the way to go! You can even sleep with them under your pillow for a few nights or handle them daily to grow a personal connection with them. Though I have to say I’ve never slept with a tarot deck :laughing: I just tend to hold them daily and shuffle them around for about a week before I use them.


I shuffle them when I start thinking about them, it doesn’t matter which deck it is.

I do put them in my pillowcase or on my nightstand for about a week with amethyst chips in the box. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Can you describe how you know when there is a connection?


If there’s not a connection you’re readings won’t be all over the place. One card draws will be off answers. I had a deck that no matter what I asked I’d get like the Moon or the Tower. But it wouldn’t go with the question.

You just kind of know when it’s more no real answers or they don’t make any sense to the situation.


Your question is not just one of your own. In fact, this has been a question I have seen many times, by many people. I was taught the following from an old Romani practitioner many years ago when it comes to gifted or inherited decks. The first is a more involved means and not for everyone. The second is a more simple means.

What you need
• Large deep bowel ceramic, wood, earthen
• One pound course sea salt. I buy it in bulk from grocery
• One hematite stone
• Large fabric square that can wrap around the deck fully like a present
• Black, green, or natural hemp or jute cord.
• A strong purification herbal mix. See below for the recipe I was taught
• Moon blessed water.
• One charcoal disk, lighter, and burning container

  1. Take the bowel and bless it with the moon water after smoke cleansing as normal.
  2. Pour half the salt into the bowel.
  3. Set up your burner for smoke cleansing and light. When ready place an ample amount of the herbal mix on it.
  4. Pass the cards either one at a time or a few at a time through the smoke. Watch the energies being pulled out by the smoke as you do so.
  5. While you are doing this ask the cards to consider you and consider assisting you.
  6. Once you have finished each card. Place the deck face down on the fabric and place the hematite on top.
  7. Lightly dab the top of the hematite with the moon water
  8. Wrap the deck securely and tie with the cord.
  9. Place the deck in the center of the bowel and cover with rest of salt.
  10. Place the bowel someplace it can be touched by the sun and moon for one week up to a month.
  11. When you feel you are ready remove the deck from the salt and shack out the salt.
  12. Remove the deck from the fabric and place it into a cleansed bag or wrap it in a cloth of your choice.
  13. Sleep with the deck under your pillow for 30 days checking every 5 days with a simple 3 card spread to see if a connection is forming
  14. When you feel attuned to the deck and the cards have accepted you. You can start to use as normal.

Herbal cleansing/banishment mix
• 1 pt. white sage
• 1 pt. guava leaves crushed,
• ½ part rosemary
• ½ pt bay crushed
• 3–5-star anise seed crushed
• ½ part lavender
• ½ pt basil
• 1/4pt cyanine
Mix well. Use as needed.

Simple form

Cleanse each card with smoke as you do so visualize the negative energies leaving the cards
Ask the card to consider you and your practice as you work than through the smoke.
Place the cards in a cleansed bag or cloth with hematite and place them under your pillow for a week


I agree with what others have said- I also think it is perfectly fine to use someone else’s deck :blush:

I admit I have kind of mixed feelings about borrowing someone else’s deck that they continue to use, but with a good cleanse I don’t see any issues at all with a deck being rehomed to a new owner :+1:

Good luck and enjoy your new deck @Isis_2222! :sparkles:


Late replying here, but I had this happen to me.

I fell head over heels for a deck while it was in development. I loved the stories and the art. It was amazing in every way. Then I got it. The quality was amazing, The artwork was gorgeous. I cleansed it and tried to use it. Maybe less than a dozen times before I realized the deck and I were NOT made for each other.

I still can’t explain why but I couldn’t connect with it on any level but the deck gave me no comfort. I do not fault the deck at all but just knew we were not a match. I cleansed it again, sold it to a lovely person, and sent it on its way with some homegrown dried lemon balm.


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