FYI goldstone is man made

Man-Made Forms of Glass:

Goldstone is also called avventurina, a name that comes from the Italian word for “by chance.” This derives from the story about goldstone’s beginnings: that it was developed by chance by alchemists trying to transform copper into gold. Another story goes that a monk working with both molten copper and glass accidentally mixed the two together, and in a classic “You-got-chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter” moment, goldstone was born. Either way, goldstone reminds us that accidents can have happy results.

crystal healing with glass

Nowadays, red goldstone is made by suspending copper particles in glass, which results in a reddish sparkling mineral It’s good for balancing physical and etheric bodies, grounding, and motivation. Blue Goldstone uses the same process, but substitutes cobalt or manganese for copper, and is good for overcoming negative thoughts and vision work. Green Goldstone, glass colored with chromium, is great for amplification of energy and all-around good luck. All forms of goldstone can help relieve arthritis, promote self-love, and replace unnecessary complications with simplicity.

Some of what is sold as hematite is actually glass mixed with iron. In fact, Magnetic Hematite isn’t really hematite at all. It looks like polished hematite, smooth with a metallic sheen, but it’s manufactured by mixing ground-up hematite and magnetite into glass, then exposing the mixture to a strong magnetic force as it cools. Pure hematite can be magnetized, but the charge will be weak and temporary. So if you bought a “hematite” ring that is magnetic, or even a non-magnetic one that doesn’t feel heavy enough, it’s probably man-made glass mixed with some form of iron. Since this material still contains iron, it will have similar protective and fire element properties, just probably not as strong. Some people also find the use of magnets and magnetic jewelry very therapeutic, especially for joint problems such as arthritis.


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I have a small piece of red Goldstone :grin:

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Red, green or blue. they are pretty


I have a blue goldstone bracelet I got in Thailand and I love it! :prayer_beads: :blush: It’s mesmerizing to watch the little sparkles in the beads :sparkles:

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There are a lot of crystals that are man made. Opalite, some that could be made in labs are clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz (watch for bubbles), spinel (beryl, ruby, sapphire). Just make sure you know where you’re buying your crystals from.

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I knew Opalite was manmade, I have 2 tiny pyramids of opalite on my moon shelf with my other pyramids. I feel like I knew that Goldstone was manmade, but I don’t have any… I’m not even sure where I would get it to be honest. It’s very pretty though. I have never personally bought the manmade gemstones for myself. I would rather the natural stones from the earth.


Talk about a misnomer, I used to call it sandstone because it’s sparkly like sand.
I also prefer naturals stones, but I have some cherry quartz just because its pretty.


Cherry-Quartz is created using natural reconstituted quartz and cinnabar. It’s then melted and given its dazzling energetic flashes or pink color in the clear quartz. … It’s not naturally formed and is only dyed quartz. It’s a synthetic stone that is made of only hardened glass. › …
Cherry-Quartz: Meanings, Properties and Powers - The Complete Guide

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