Gardening advice please? 🌿

Since it’s imbloc and I’ve been wanting to start a garden for a while Im going to buy some seeds. But I don’t really have experience the growing plants besides a potted flower I had when I was 10 that my mom killed while I was on vacation with my grandparents over the summer.

I was thinking about spearmint, pepper mint, cilantro, marshmallow, soapwort, chamomile, and rupture wort.

Any advice on starting a garden would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance. :herb::heart::potted_plant:


Hey @Torista! I’m doing the same thing for Imbolc as well. What I got were those peat moss disks. You soak them in water and they expand. Plant your seeds in there and then when they’ve grown you can place the whole thing in the ground or bigger pots so there isn’t an uprooting of the plant. If you have a South facing window with lots of sun, I’d put them there. If not you may need to get some grow lights to help them along.


@Torista we have a garden every year, but we can’t start it outside until March because of our weather patterns. Then we have a small greenhouse in the backyard they get moved to into planter sheets, & then moved to the garden by May/June.

@christine13 gave a great way to start though, & it’s very similar to how we start our plants inside to get them ready for outside. Another thing that works is a damp papertowel & fold it in half then put the seed(s) in the middle & fold it in half again, then put it on a bread/salad plate type of thing in the window with the most sun until you see it sprouting roots then move it to a little planter. (Also no throw away :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:)


Starting a garden is a wonderful way to celebrate Imbolc and welcome in the spring- congrats to you on your new garden, @Torista! :blush:

Gardening is a skill that takes time to master like anything else- as you learn the ropes, please remember to be gentle with yourself! Plants are darling yet very finicky things and it will likely take time before you find plants and varieties that work for your living environment and situation. This is totally normal! :seedling: :grinning:

A good first step would be to check your Plant Hardiness Zone (here’s a zone map for the USA). This will give you a number you can use to check when you are researching plants- you want to find plants that will survive within your zone!

I would also recommend taking a trip to a local greenery, nursery, or gardening center- there you will find plants and plant varieties that thrive in your zone. Even if you don’t buy anything, it will help you get a better idea about what works where you live :+1:

From the plants you listed, I can say that mint is a great choice- it is often a very sturdy plant that thrives (at least where I’m located)! Just be sure to keep it in an isolated pot or plot, as mint, when happy, can quickly spread and may take over the entire garden :herb:

I’m cheering you on, Torista- a garden is a wonderful thing! Good luck and blessed gardening! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :green_heart:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry Thank you so much for the link to the hardiness zone map I nearly forgot that was a thing.

After double and triple checking the plants I wanted to do grow won’t die where I live I bought some seeds because I found a huge sale on seeds.
I will probably have to wait some time to plant them outdoors if I decide to. That’s only really the plan for the rupturewort because it’s ground cover and I’m hoping it will kill off the grass that is “almost” legally required in my area.

@christine13 Thank you for telling me about the peat moss I’ll have to look into those. I will probably have to get grow lights because spring here has become practically none extinct and summer is sudden, short and very hot.


@Torista You’re very welcome, Torista- it sounds like you are off to a great start! :blush: May your plants grow strong and may your garden thrive this season, good luck and blessed be! :green_heart: :seedling:


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