Get Your Holiday Cinnamon Sticks!

Season’s greetings!

I found myself on a little adventure to the local Dollar Tree yesterday and was delighted to find their little spice section- they actually have quite a few herbs and spices to choose from! :herb:

The best find was a bag of whole cinnamon sticks (well, Cassia cinnamon to be technically correct lol)

I picked it up with big dreams of making a pretty Yule wreath or garland, but depending on my energy and motivation levels it may just end up in simmer pots and potentially spiced wine or cinder :wine_glass: :laughing: (Cheers! :clinking_glasses:)

Anyways, for a buck (or rather 1.25, darn inflation) it’s not bad! Great to have around for decorations, cooking, or spellwork :sparkles:

Just thought I’d put out the call to my favorite witches! :blush:

(And if, by any chance, you have any favorite spells that use whole cinnamon sticks, feel free to drop them here/send them my way :wink:)

Yuletide blessings!


Thanks for reminding us to look at Dollar Tree!


I love hitting up the Dollar Tree ($1.25 now, lol) to get my spices! I also will wonder down their candle and craft aisles.


@Amethyst You’re welcome, Amethyst! :heart: I’m always surprised by what can be found in the dollar store- it feels like a treasure hunt going in there :grinning: :sparkles:

@Amaris_Bane They still have all the signs up for $1 so I keep forgetting it’s all $1.25 now (until they hand me the receipt at the register lol). Time to change the name of the store from “Dollar Tree” to “Dollar 25 Tree”, I guess! :joy:


Ours still has them up too, lol. Plus we have 8.25% sales tax here in Texas. And I agree that going in feels like a treasure hunt! You never know what you walk out with. I found some witch decor around Halloween.


8.25%!?!? Oh gosh, guess I can’t complain about MA’s 6.25% sales tax anymore! :laughing:

So true! So many fun treasures to be found- especially around Halloween! That’s a great time to go in and stock up on neat witchy things :mage: :sparkling_heart:


To be fair, we don’t have an income tax so the state only has sales tax to get money from us.


I have found many items that can be utilized in my craft workings at the dollar store. Its such a blessing for me because i am on a fixed income.


@Amaris_Bane I see! Then perhaps it all evens out across the board :grinning:

@annette7 It really is a great resource, especially for witches on a budget! I’m glad it has been helpful for you and your Craft too, Annette :blush:


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