Getting Chills

I have a question. When I am at my friends house, I get chills very often. Most usually I am in her living room when I get them.

I wasn’t going to post this, since I didn’t want to be someone that tries to make a spiritual sign out of any random occurance. However, I get them quite often at her house. I don’t remember getting them every time I visit her, but recently it has been often enough to make me notice. And most of the time we are in her living room.

What could this be? Is there any meaning?


I always trust my intuition. Maybe ask her if she’s had any experiences, or bought anything new into the house, if you can talk about this stuff with her. It could be something, or maybe it could be her vibe is in conflict with yours. I have a friend who doesn’t like my practice or deity, but we’re good, old friends. There’s a funny feeling in her house, but that’s my Witchy sense on guard. I’m sure others here will know something. I never ignore my intuition though. Take care. :sparkling_heart:


Hi @JoeyP,

If it’s happened multiple times, is enough to raise a flag in your mind, and mundane reasons have been ruled out (no fan, AC unit, or open window, etc. in the living room) then I definitely think it’s worth looking into! :grinning:

Seconding what Tracy said here- if your friend is open to these kinds of things, you’ll be able to get more information checking in with her. Does she sense it too? Is it only in the living room, or elsewhere in the house (especially in rooms directly above or below the living room- is there an attic or basement)? Is the sensation happening more often than it used to?

The more information you have, the easier it will be to pinpoint where, when, and, eventually, why- which in turn will make it easier to begin to remove (if that is something you decide is best).

For now- layering on the protection whenever you go over there is a good place to start! :shield:

Blessed be :sparkles:


Just popping in to add my voice behind what @tracyS and @TheTravelWitch_Bry have said! Obviously, something is causing you to have these chills. If she’s not open to speaking about it, maybe try wearing a protection amulet or something similar the next time you go over there, for the sole purpose of blocking out those chills. This could serve as an experiment, too, because if you still feel them, then there may be a mundane cause behind it that hasn’t been explored yet!


That is really interesting. I wonder if your friend would be open to a home cleansing or something like that. Keep us updated! I’m intrigued :slight_smile:


Ok, here is an update. I decided that I need to collect more data to verify. The things I was going to verify was whether I was getting chills only at her house and if they are consistent. So a couple days ago, I went to her house. Was fine until we moved to her living room. Had a chill. I also was trying to remain alert as to whether I had chills at any other time or any other location. None yet other than the one at her house. Next visit, I am planning to wear my amethyst charm and carry obisdian or black tourmaline in my pocket, to see if there is any difference. I am expecting that wearing those for protection, that I would not get a chill.

She is in the closet with some of her family, so personally she might be open to discussions, but probably not to any incantations or ceremony. She also dislikes smoke and or incense odor. I did mention to her about my chills last week, she acknowledged taht I said it, but did change the subject fairly quickly. To me that is her sign that she doesn’t want to talk in depth about it.

So not 100% sure on my next steps. Is there anything I can do away from her house that may protect her and her family?


I think you’re covering all your bases for yourself, especially trying to figure out if it’s something at her house or not. Wearing protective crystals the next time you go over there is a good experiment with the energy over there. I hope you’ll let us know how it goes!

I’d say that’s probably true. My opinion here is that if she acknowledged you but didn’t talk about it further, she may not want help. She may also be embarrassed or not know how to talk about it. There are a few spells that could be adjusted to protect someone’s home from outside. Here are a few places you can start.

I hope this is enough to get you started! I’d also probably add in the stipulation that the spell only works if she’s open to your help and energy. Otherwise, if she’s trying to do some other protections or workings, then your spell could end up affecting her workings and cause conflict.


Thank you for the information. I’m sure I’ll find something.


You’re welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: