🧂 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Salty Spellwork

I always feel bad for carpeted floors, they don’t get any of the salt love that the floors that are swept get. So here, have some homemade vacuum shake. Hope y’all like it!

Salty Vacuum Powder.

¼ cup salt

½ cup baking powder

¼ cup lavender

¼ cup rosemary

Mix together and shake it over carpet while saying:

Salt and herbs purify,

let no negativity get by.

Vacuum up the evil vibes,

So only happiness survives.

Let the anger and tiredness leave,

as I will so mote it be!

Let sit for a while to soak up the negative energies and then vacuum up, dispose of the vacuum leavings as soon as possible.


@Amethyst I never thought about it that way but I generally use my broom and "sweep"the carpet when I use the powder stuff we buy in the stores to kind of work it into the carpets fibers better before I let it soak in so that’s a great idea and you still get the sweeping effect. Probably a good idea to empty the vacuum outside immediately after use though so it takes the negative garbage out of the house completely but that’s just my opinion


I am very exited to try my first challenge.


I was a bit limited for this week’s challenge but was able to find somethings to accompany what I have brought with me for my travels this week. I had a version of a salt protection recipe saved on my phone. I wish I could remember where I initially saw this recipe so I could credit the person (it probably was someone in the coven so if you recognize this, let me know so I can give you credit). I remember purposely saving this because it was a smoke free way for me to cleanse the energy of prior occupants in hotel rooms when I travel. I actually forgot about it before my current travels began but the challenge brought it to memory, so thank you for that!

I mixed some sea salt, rosemary, comfrey root, lavender and angelica root into a glass. It probably would have been best to make it into a more powder like substance, but all I had was a plastic fork LOL I added my intent and asked each ingredient for their protective and cleansing properties and thanked each one. I then sprinkled it on the bottom of the door threshold and in the corners of the room.

I have one more stop at a different hotel for a few days before going home so I saved some in a ziploc so I can remember to use this again on Wednesday



Huh, I never swept it into the carpet, I just let it sit for a good half hour or so before vacuuming. It’s interesting how people do things differently. I’ll have to try that next time!


This week challenge was really simple for me but yet really effective. For me I did a basic salt protection spell for the home. I have really want to try the black salt, however I have decided to have this done for another time.This involves me use the black salt as the main ingredient along with a chant to cleanse around my home.


3 Handfull of salt
1 Protection Chant

  1. Meditation for the positive intention that I wanted.

  2. I then face east with a hand fit of salt walking in a clock wise direction moving to each ditection that represents the elements as I respite this chant I wrote.

  3. Recite the chant
    Let all the negativity be washed away
    Right here, RIGHT NOW today.
    Protect my home day and night
    Keep it safe within the light.

  4. When done, just thank the Lord & Lady for their blessings and just carry on your day as normal.

I have also managed to stumble across this easy salt spell routine that I am thinking off putting to practice alone side my salt spell.

Credit: Pinterest.com

Any type on salt can be used as well as the black salt. I can maybe do this spell every other full moon for continuous results.

L :dizzy:ve , L :heart: ve and L :candle:ght the way

Blessed Be💫


@NickWick i loved your chant. Nicely done


Well also my mom and I both have pretty long thick hair and we shed BADLY then add 3 dogs and we have a lot of hair on the carpet so sweeping kinda helps get up most of the hair the vacuum can’t get up


I was just thinking of posting something similar! My daughter & I have long thick hair as do both of my son’s girlfriends. Between the carpets & the drain in the shower & our cars, hair is everywhere mixed with 2 dogs also! We use the sweeping of the carpet also before we vacuum.


Hello! For this week’s challenge, I incorporated salt into my magic by doing some cleansing and protection work on my RV.

I actually started one of the ingredients for this before the challenge as it is an oil that needs to sit for 9 days in direct sunlight. To make the sealing oil, you take 1 tablespoon carrier oil (I used sweet almond), 1 fresh sage leaf, 1 whole clove, and 3 pinches of salt. Mix all of this in a bottle and seal. Place in an area that receives direct sunlight for 9 days, mixing every so often (I did it about once a day when I was feeding the birds).

While I was waiting on this, I took the week to thoroughly clean my house. Put things back where they belong, dust, vacuum, even clean the couches! I even began to rid myself of unnecessary clutter that has crept into my home.

One the oil was ready, I was all set. Sunday, my husband had to go to work for a little bit so it was perfect timing! I smoke cleansed with palo santo. I then was ready to clean and seal my threshold. I mixed 1 cup warm water, 1/2 cup vinegar, 1 tablespoon salt, and 1 tablespoon lemon juice in a large bowl. Using a cloth, I used the mixture to was the threshold and doorframe while saying “I hereby cleanse this threshold of negative energy.” I then used the palo santo to again cleanse the threshold and doorframe. I placed it in my censer and let it smolder for the rest of the ritual.

Dipping my fingers in the sealing oil, I drew an unbroken line around the outside of the door frame while saying “No evil or illness may cross this threshold. I hereby bar it from entering. My home is sacred and protected.”

On the inside of the doorframe, I again dipped my finger in the sealing oil, this time touching my finger to the upper left corner and drawing a line in the air to the bottom right corner. Stating the above intention while doing so. I repeated this going from upper right to lower left as well as from middle top to middle bottom.

The last step was to bury 3 cloves of garlic under by threshold (shout out to those that helped me come up with my alternative!). I touched each of them with a finger dipped in the sealing oil and buried one at each end of the box I used to represent my threshold and one in the middle, again repeating the intention above one final time.


Very creative. Thanks for sharing this.


Thank for letting me know about how salt has been a very sacred element in many different cultures across the globe. That really spoke to me was how


It amazing to see how salt :salt: is used to "expel evil”
Thank you for sharing!!!
Blessed Be!! :hugs:


For my weekly challenge i did Money spell with the seashells and salt…
I love working with salt. I always have a seahell filled with salt and light a votive on top of it. To help cleanse myself and my home.
Thank you for this challenge.
Blessed be.


@Jeannie1 your spell and altar look amazing!
Blessed be


@Amaris_Bane, that is one great cleansing spell.
Thank you for sharing.

Blessed be


I didn’t do a spell or ceremony, I just wanted to examine the subject Salt.
I think my lovely “C4” may have addressed this subject but I’ll do it too.
I base my facts on an article from Wikipedia, although I could have gone to my Nursing books or Anatomy and Physiology material. BUT kids, I just couldn’t do that to you.(Garnet the merciful. ha ha)
Let me start by saying, The history of salt has led to troubling acts by humanity.
I chose to write a short article about a mineral called Salt, it is a mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride (NaCl), a chemical compound belonging to the larger class of salts; salt in the form of a natural crystalline mineral is known as rock salt or halite.
Salt is one of the most essential minerals for life in general. It is also one of the oldest food seasoning and used as a food preservative.
As long ago as 6,000 BC people in present day Romania boiled spring water to extract salt. China is recorded to use salt around the same period.
Salt was so prized in ancient times that it was an important article for trade and was transported by boat across the Mediterranean Sea, then along specially built salt roads, to cross the Sahara on camel caravans. The scarcity and universal need for salt have led nations to go to war over it and used it to raise tax revenues. Salt is used in religious ceremonies and has other cultural and traditional significance.
An interesting fact, there is more salt in animal tissues like meat, milk, etc., than plants. Salt was/is used in religious practice by many faiths. Salt was sadly also used to ‘salt the earth’ as a way to prevent plant growth by some armies during wars and promote starvation.
Salt was used as currency South of the Sahara.
Tragically, wars have been fought over salt. As late as the 1930’s, Mahatma Gandhi led a crowd of 100,000 people on the “Gandhi March” or :Satyagraha”, during which they made their own salt from the sea as a demonstration of their opposition to the colonial tax. This act of civil disobedience inspired numerous Indians and transformed the Indian independence movement from an elitist one with little popular support into a national struggle.
In order to cut this article short: Salt is essential to human life. This mineral/electrolyte helps nerves and muscles to function correctly, {note, the human heart is a muscle!}and it is one factor involved in the osmotic regulation of water content in body organs (fluid balance). Most of the sodium in the Western diet comes from salt. The habitual salt intake in many Western countries is about 10 g per day, and it is higher than that in many countries in Eastern Europe and Asia. The high level of sodium in many processed foods has a major impact on the total amount consumed. In the United States, 75% of the sodium eaten comes from processed and restaurant foods, 11% from cooking and table use and the rest from what is found naturally in foodstuffs. Consuming too much sodium increases risk of cardiovascular diseases. High sodium intake is associated with a greater risk of stroke, total cardiovascular disease and kidney disease. A reduction in sodium intake by 1,000 mg per day may reduce cardiovascular disease by about 30%. In adults and children with no acute illness, a decrease in the intake of sodium from the typical high levels reduces blood pressure. A low sodium diet results in a greater improvement in blood pressure in people with hypertension.
Mortality caused by levels of salt.” The association between sodium consumption and cardiovascular disease or mortality is U-shaped, with increased risk at both high and low sodium intake.” The findings showed that increased mortality from excessive salt intake was primarily associated with individuals with hypertension. The levels of increased mortality among those with restricted salt intake appeared to be similar regardless of blood pressure. This evidence shows that while those with hypertension should primarily focus on reducing sodium to recommended levels, all groups should seek to maintain a healthy level of sodium intake of between 4 and 5 grams (equivalent to 10-13 g salt) a day.
One of the two most prominent dietary risks for disability in the world is eating too much sodium.

Whew…Long story short, salt is necessary for human life but too much of a good thing can be bad.
The bold words are some of the crimes the want of sodium led to.


For this weekly challenge, I made Infinite Roots black salt recipe. I also took advantage of the black salt by using my salt as a protection tailsman( towards) me which was also recommended by Francisco! I feel all the negative energy gone and absorbed! I feel so blessed, to have you all here so I can learn how to shield and protect myself!
Thank you! :kissing_heart:


I like What Francisco suggested about using the black salt for when people come over and you want to get rid of their energy you can just throw the salt on the ground and sweep the energy away! I would like to get into more rituals like these to protect myself. Thank you for letting me share and may you all be blessed and protected!

Blessed be!:sparkles:


I know first-hand that sometimes the hardest part of magick is building up your confidence, so no worries at all @phoenix_dawn! :heart: Follow your intuition and pursue the spellwork that calls to you :hugs: I imagine keeping your witchy tools away from the dogs and teen-witch-in-training is quite an exercise in creativity too! :laughing: :+1: Blessed be!

Uh oh, @Eliza_Beth! Sorry to hear that, but no worries- accidents happen to all of us. I’m glad everything was okay and you are safe! Curious, though, as you’re right- salt is usually non-flamable. Perhaps it was just the energy of the spell- may you soon be blessed with a wave of fresh funds! :ocean: :moneybag: :grin:

I am loving your salt vacuum powder, @Amethyst! Cleaning the carpet where I’m from usually involves a big stick and a lot of whacking- I think I might switch it up and use this much more beautiful and enjoyable spellwork from time to time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thanks for sharing!

Welcome, @Leah7! :blush: This challenge has reached the end of it’s 6 day timelimit, but no worries- there will be a brand new challenge launching tomorrow! You are very warmly invited to join if you’d like :heart:

That is some amazing spellwork for being on the road, @Robin77- and what a great way to use salt! Whenever I stay in hotel rooms I try not to think about the people who were there before :sweat_smile: cleansing it with salt is a much better approach- I’ll have to keep this in mind! Thanks for sharing :pray:

Gorgeous salt chant, @NickWick- I always love reading your chants! May your lovely spellwork help cleanse and refresh the energy of your home. Thanks for sharing! :salt:

Beautiful protective work, @Amaris_Bane- thanks so much for sharing your recipe for the sealing oil too! I’m sure all of your diligent work has paid off- the energy there must feel so refreshed and cleansed :relaxed: Great job!

Seashells make a perfect part for salt magick- this is beautifully done, @Walter! :sparkles: Wishing you an abundance of funds coming very soon- blessed be! :money_with_wings:

I was pretty sure this lovely entry about salt was meant for the challenge- I hope you don’t mind that I moved this post here into the challenge thread, @Garnet! :pray: Despite it’s wonderful properties, the history of salt (like certain crystals and plants) does have a rather… briney background. Thanks for sharing this wisdom- it is very interesting to read about, and important things to consider!


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Well done to everyone who jumped in and explored Salt Magick this week! :salt:

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Blessed be! :white_heart: :sparkles:


I only have one cat but he sheds so badly I bought a special vacuum so I don’t have to sweep. It’s a bonus that it wraps the cord up itself!

By all means, post yours. I’d like to see what you did with your carpet shake!

My carpet doesn’t come up, so I have to vacuum. I’m glad you like it!