Gift Ideas for a 10 year old Baby Witch

I was invited to a birthday party and the little girl wants witch/spell books. I imagine she would enjoy any witchy item. What should I give her on such short notice? (My town is small and isolated . The nearest Walmart is 3 hours away. Usually, I order something from Amazon but I don’t want to wait 4 days.)


At her age I don’t think I would give spell books or books on witchcraft. At the very least, I haven’t found any that would be entirely appropriate for a child. Rebel Witch by Kelly-Ann Maddox is a good book that has a lot of basic information for someone looking for witchcraft and not Wicca. I would let me daughter read it but she also knows about reproduction from a scientific point of view and would be able to understand the part that was mentioned.

Circle Round is a good book but it’s more sabbat-focused and not witchcraft-focused. Maybe divination tools, crystals, or things similar would be a good gift? If you have no stores close to you to shop at, maybe you can give her a giftcard to use on whatever she wants :blush:


You never know what kids are thinking.
Make a simple wand.
Get some clay
Fashion a cauldron, it doesn’t need to be full sized. candle holders

Most of these items could be easily and cheaply made. I think a 10 year old would like any of these.

Especially a homemade wand.


That is a tough one. I agree with @MeganB that there are not very many books that would be appropriate for a 10yo. I’m thinking in align with @Garnet, make something she can use in her “practice”, whatever that may be at this point. Do you know if she has an altar? If not but wants one, you could maybe find/ forage items to represent the elements on her altar.

  • Earth (North): salt, soil, rocks, crystals, plants, flowers, pentacle (traditional tool), ceramics, coins, horns or bone, seeds, gnomes (my favorite :grin:), animal art
  • Fire (South): flameless candles (maybe it’s just me but I wouldn’t trust a 10yo with real candles), cinnamon, chile peppers, wand (traditional), spicy food, cactus or thorns, dragons, images of flames or the sun, volcanic stones or ash, pyramid, Djinn or Salamander (the mythical creature, not the real one), lion/phoenix animal art
  • Air (East): feathers, bell, fan, sword (fake - traditional), windchimes, book, brightly colored ribbon, musical instruments, images of clouds or sky, flying animal art (birds, dragonfly, butterfly), angels, faeries
  • Water (West): chalice/cup (traditional), beverages, scrying bowl or crystal ball, rainwater, Yoni, driftwood, seaweed, Ankh, mirror, mermaids, images of ocean/rivers/lakes, shells, fish/dolphin/frog animal art

When she was about 10/11 put a wax melter in my daughter’s room for different scents & it can be turned on & off. She also has some crystals including selenite, an amazonite palm stone, and a garnet tree of life necklace, and then as she got older & I would let her look them up in my books on crystals.

As her interests got to more over the last couple of years (she’s now 13), I gave her a covered cone incense burner, a jar candle with a lid, and a cute little tarot deck it didn’t like me, but it likes her a lot more, so we cleansed it & I gifted it to her. She looks up the card meanings in my book of meanings. She only does 1 card draw. I’m going to see if I can have her do it & look at it before she goes to bed. She also has more crystals & will put them out under the full moon with me.

So she does some very basic things & I answer any questions she may have. She hasn’t done any spells or had any of her own books or spellbook, but she will look up plants & crystals in the reference books that I have on hand. I have made her copies of the tarot card meanings though.

Maybe a crystal bracelet or necklace with the information for the crystal type? That’s how I started with my daughter when she got curious about what I was doing when I say, “I’m going to do my thing in the room.”


I gave the birthday girl an amethyst bracelet and selenite.

My greatest wish is that my children grow up open minded. That they use nature to soothe, focus, and heal.


I think that’s a fantastic gift! :heart: I’m sure the birthday girl absolutely loved the gifts :tada: :birthday:

You’re not alone in that thought. That’s the only thing I can hope and pray for with my child as well :pray: May the next generation of children help heal the world! :sparkles: :earth_africa: :heart:


@crystal5 that is an awesome gift. I believe the very first thing I gave my daughter was a bracelet… I think it was aquamarine, rose quartz, & amethyst. I agree with @MeganB that is a perfect gift!

As far as your wish, I think all parents have some kind of wish for their kids. My boys definitely are wonderful men. My daughter, when not being influenced by her new friend group (which didn’t end well for her) she is very… compassionate & loving. She doesn’t want anyone to be hurt or upset. She has skipped class to sit at the lockers with her friend that was having a bad day & cried with her & let her know that she loved her no matter what happened to call her or let her know if she needs to talk.

At the same time, when she was doing remote school, I was just getting back to my practice. So she was curious & she will ask me about things. Crystals, pendulums, altar cloth, all of it including A spell jar to help her rest easier & wake in the morning. However, I technically did it, I had her hold the items & ask them for assistance before I put them in the jar. But I wouldn’t necessarily let her do her own spells or anything.

Right now she is learning about meditation to focus herself on what it is she is trying to accomplish. I started her with 1-minute meditations… my daughter will never be able to sit for more than 3 minutes on her own. I believe some of it is her age & activity level, but she can do the 1-minute one that I sent her.

I think you are approaching it very well & she will come into her own if you nurture what is already there & let her ask the questions. She will gravitate towards what is her normal & how she sees you interacting & practicing your craft. My advice is, to be honest with her but gentle & explain it to her.

If you’re interested the YouTube meditation in a moment is what my daughter uses. The actual video is about 5 minutes, but there is a timed 1-minute part that my daughter has found helpful.


That is a perfect gift! I’m sure she greatly appreciates it. While I don’t have children myself, I love that my sister raises her daughters (she’s about to have #6!) to be open minded, strong, and to use their voices. I try to instill an appreciation for nature and all that it has to offer us.


I think the Time Turner necklace that is very similar to Hermione’s (Harry Potter) is cool and I saw one of my elementary students wearing one. It is witchy enough without raising eyebrows :slight_smile: Here is the link; it’s $7.63 at Hot Topic.


I think that’s an amazing gift!


That’s perfect, my daughter is 8 and loves receiving crystals and learning all about the different qualities of each :grinning:


That is a perfect gift :blush:

Like others have said, most of the witchy books tend to be geared towards older readers. Things like herbs can be dangerous if not used under supervision of a gardner/herbalist. But as someone who had a rock collection growing up, I think crystals are fantastic gifts for kids- you found a great present, Crystal! :gift_heart:

I am sure she will treasure it- she is very blessed to have such a thoughtful gift! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Happy Birthday to her and I hope you all enjoy the party! :tada::sparkles:


That sweet, Connie has an Angel deck, she pulls a card for each person. She likes joining in with Moon Magick, especially the New and Full Moon rituals we do. She likes writing & planting intentions :potted_plant: and writing & burning fears :fire: (under supervision) with me. She was more into it when @praecog29 was here, I think she liked doing things all together.

She isn’t into meditation yet, but as Ben can attest she doesn’t really have an attention span yet :joy: She has LED tea-lights and charges her crystals at the New & Full Moon - we tend to do both as I’m more drawn to the New Moon.

Is the wax melter with a candle? She really wants one but she’s too young for a real candle at the moment.


The wax melter doesn’t use candles, it’s electric with an off & on a switch. It does use pieces of wax though. So you just have to remember to shut it off when you are done with it. The wax pieces come in all kinds of scents too!


I purchased a candle warmer/ wax melter WITH a timer so I can melt a scent for sleep and not have to worry about it. It was fairly inexpensive and I have the option to melt my candles. Another bonus is I can choose low, medium, or high heat.

White Swirl Ceramic Candle Warmer…


Oh that’s awesome too! I think I got mine years ago, I had one for each season or room. I had little ones around & didn’t want something to happen with a candle & 2 small boys.

Thank you for sharing the link with us @crystal5


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