Godessess looking for info on kali ma

So im very curious about kali ma but not sure where to look for info on her hoping someone on here can help me out im mostly curious i read a small section about her in a book im reading and want to know more


I have some research that I did but never got around to formatting it so I apologize for that. It’s a very rough introduction to the mythology of Kali Ma (Kali Mother) but I hope it will help you in your quest.

Kali Goddess Research.pdf (229.8 KB)

Remember that Hinduism is a living and unbroken religion with a vast culture, mythology and history to learn from. Go to temples, meditate, do your duties and enjoy bhakti (devotion) in any way you prefer.

Here are some more resources:


thanks and i dont mind rough drafs of things im just really curious after reading a little about her in dark goddess craft by stephanie woodfeild


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