Greeting from Florida

Hello. I recently joined to help add a little bit of structure to my practice.

I started my journey last year after going through a painful friendship (basically family) implosion that left me feeling lost. Most of my year was painful but with the help of therapy and looking into the witch/pagan path I have been doing much better.

I’ve always had a fascination with the occult, supernatural, and anything magical and enjoy folk tales and mythology. If it bumps in the dark I most likely like it. I grew up stomping around the woods of my childhood home, the number of scars I have from climbing/falling out of trees and crawling through the dirt… lol. So the nature aspect of all this has helped keep me grounded and has gotten me to go outside a lot more than I use to in my adult time.

Part of my goal this year is to dive more into my ancestry. I am mixed Black and Filipino. Gullah-Filipina specifically. I’ve never been particularly close to my blood family, only just recently reconnected with my Dad within the past few years.

Outside of that. I’m an artist, hobbyist photographer, aerialist (silks, trapeze, lyra. I want to try pole). I enjoy hoop dance, traveling, and cooking/baking. I’m very much a nerd. Enjoying, comics, anime, & video games.

Thanks for having me.


@theloneblkwolf Welcome! It sounds as if you had a wonderful childhood connection to nature! Is there a favorite place you like to go when you get back to nature?

Sounds like you have a lot of wonderful exciting skills/talents! I can relate to being a nerd with video games and comics. Glad to have you here!



I love the forests cause that is what I grew up running around in. My town is pretty densely populated so I gotta hunt for nature spots. I found a few parks in driving distance that are densely packed with trees in certain spots so I like to go there to pretend I’m in a forest.

I also have a fascination with mountains. A bucket list trip is to visit the Rocky Mountains one day.


Welcome! @theloneblkwolf

I was just thinking about my own fascination with the occult as a child, wondering where it came from? It’s interesting you mentioned it, hmmm… I’m thinking it’s not just a coincidence!

I love being in nature, it’s so healing for me. I’m thankful I never fell out of any of the Pine trees I climbed as a child!

So glad you are here.


Hi @theloneblkwolf! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

You sound like an interesting person, I look forward to getting to know you! I’m a giant nerd myself. Have you found the Courses yet? They’re a great way to start out on this website and will give you loads of information to geek out over.

If you have any questions just ask and someone will be around to help you out. I hope we can chat more!


I have. Been making my way through the courses. I’m knowledgeable in the bulk of the basic stuff but it is definitely helping refine my current knowledge and giving me topics and interests to do deeper dives into when I get through everything.


Welcome to Infinite Roots!

I’m glad that you’re feeling much better and that you found your way here :slight_smile: What kind of art do you do? And, what video games do you play? I also love video games and consider myself an artist as well.

See you around!


I mainly do cartoon/comic/anime style. Traditional and Digital mediums. As for video games, I love anything open-world/sandbox. Games like Skyrim, Fallout, Assassin’s Creed. A goal of mine this year is to work on my STEAM backlog of games. cough150cough Being an adult means having not a lot of time to game anymore, but I have the fund to buy all the games I have wanted as a kid. :rofl:


Good. I’m glad you like it. @Francisco is working all the time to add to it so we’ll never run out of information!


Merry meet @theloneblkwolf! :blush:

Welcome to the forum- we are blessed to have you here! As you explore around, I hope you make yourself at home. Know that you have many friendly fellow coven members here who are always happy to chat and are around to help with any questions you may have :infinite_roots: :sparkles:

You’re amazing- so many fun hobbies and talents! :star_struck: I used to do belly dance (ATS/FCBD Style and Tribal Fusion) and I did Flow/fire dancing for a bit, but moving internationally caused me to stop, unfortunately. Would love to get back into it someday! Until then, I’m cheering you on- have fun with your active activities! :sparkles:

I think I have just over 20 games on my Steam wishlist- you outdo me, Lunairess! :clap: That is impressive! :grinning: I hope you are able to get through some of your games and that you find some really fun ones this year :blush:

And if you happen to come across any witchy-themed ones you enjoy, feel free to share them in Witchy Games :video_game: so other witchy gamers (myself included!) can check them out too!

Blessed be and happy gaming! :sparkles:


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