Growing your Herb cabinet

Face it, we witches love our herbs, but they can be expensive, especially starting out. We use herbs for anything from incense, poultices, spells, skin products etc.

I am on a very limited budget so I have had to be frugal in building my apothecary cabinet of herbs. If you can spend $5-10 a month, you can grow it quickly besides getting wildcrafted items. Look in your yard, dandelions, wash them off and dry them out…blackberries…dry the leaves, gather pine needles, fir needles, nettles, rose petals, all kinds of things grow in your yard or the forest, gather gather gather.

I also use an ebay store where I have found I get a huge quantity for the prices…it doesn’t seem like it, but its more than enough to do several spells, make incense, etc.

Bottles-thrift sotres garage sales, make sure they have sealable lids.

I first wash mine in a solution of bleach water, no matter how clean they look, then wash with soap and water and rinse. Let air dry then I smudge them inside and out, making them ready for herbs.

My labels are stick on printer labels (Dollar Tree) that I stain with tea let dry and put the names on and then affix with modge podge.

It takes time, but you can end up with a huge selection of herbs.

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Awesome post!! Thanks for these tips @roxanne!! :herb:

“gather gather gather” I love that! The best ingredients are FREE! But that store has good prices too, I am thinking some oils from them!