Guess the crystals! Mini game for funsies 💎

My latest tumble stone delivery came in today (yay for excessive shopping habits :sweat_smile:) so lets play…


In Round 1 we have these 4 sparkling beauties:

For Round 2 we have these funny looking fellas:

And for the Final Round… what could this be???

Submit your suggestions below, answers will be revealed… sometime Monday? Does that sound reasonable? :joy:

Yvie is judging you.
Bahahhaa :joy:


Okay, so I’m not good with crystals at all, but I’m gonna try.

Round one looks like amethyst, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, and black tourmaline.

Round two may be an agate of some kind and blue quartz?

Round three might be green aventurine and rough green jade?

Can’t wait to see what the answers are :sparkler:


Amethyst, rose quartz, tigers eye, back obsidian or jet.
Angelite, the light brown one…? Maybe lepidolite actually if it’s a light purple
And the last beauty is unakite.


Yay crystal guessing game! And hello Yvie :smiley_cat:

Let’s see, let’s see… crystal identification is not my strong point, but we’ll give it a try! :joy:

Round 1- Lepidolite? (I see that pretty little blue sparkle there- maybe labradorite?), Rose Quartz, Tiger’s Eye, and Idk (Obsidian?)

Round 2- No idea (unless this one is lepidolite lol) and hmmm… aquamarine maybe?

Round 3- Also no idea- gonna guess Amazonite

Wow, my crystal confidence is really shining through here :joy: Can’t wait to see the answers- thanks for a fun activity, @Limeberry! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Ooooh you guys are doing so well :joy: but Round 3 is yet to be correctly identified!
Any more guesses anyone? :timer_clock:


screams in impatient
I wanna knooowwww



Round 1:
Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Gold Tiger’s Eye and Black Tourmaline!
Well done all of you for getting the rose quartz and tiger’s eye and special shout out to @MeganB for getting all 4 right!

Round 2 was a toughie:
We had Lepidolite and Angelite!

Lepidolite: * Bestows calm and inner peace on the user, aids sleep patterns, encourages feelings of independence, opens and releases pain, helps by reducing worry and fear and can aid in transformation and new phases in life
Helps understand grief and pain and helps with release, helps encourage psychic skills and promotes contact with spirit guides and angels.

Angelite: Bringing inner peace, calm and a sense of serenity, Angelite is great for relieving the overwhelming feelings that stress and anger can bring. Used to connect with spirit guides and guardian angels, Angelite dispels fear and encourages forgiveness.

Well done @BryWisteria for guessing lepidolite - that’s a difficult one and Congrats @christina4 for getting BOTH right!!! :partying_face:

and now… for the big reveal…


This crystal helps to clear any blockages in the heart chakra and helps transform negative energies into powerful, uplifting positive ones.

Known as an enhancer of psychic awareness, it also helps with the balance and harmony in your life, giving you a sense of empowerment bringing satisfaction, peace and inspiration into your world…
This crystal is a beautiful combination of natural red ruby crystals and green fuchsite.

AKA :tada: RUBY IN FUCHSITE!!! :tada:

Thanks for playing and well done again to all of you for your fantastic guesses! Stay tuned for my next inevitable shopping spree and mini game of GUESS THE CRYSTALS! :kissing_heart:


Oh wow, I’m shocked! Those are probably some of the easiest to identify, though :rofl:


Bravo to @MeganB and @Christina4- really well done! :clap::two_hearts:

That was a fun game- thank you, @Limeberry! :sparkling_heart: Always fun to play and learn about some new crystals :gem: