Blue 💙 Aventurine

I was inspired by a game post that @Limeberry posted to write about blue aventurine. This is a crystal that I knew nothing about until researching it for you all! So, here goes!

What is blue aventurine?

Blue Aventurine is a member of the quartz family that is characterized by its mica and other mineral inclusions that give it its shimmering effect. Its name comes from the Italian word a ventura or avventura which means “by chance” and perhaps alludes to the way the stone is formed.

Image via Gemstagram

Blue Aventurine is not the only form of Aventurine. It comes in many different colors, and each stone has its own correspondences and energy. For example, Green Aventurine is wonderful for protection while pink aventurine works wonders for creativity and wisdom.

In the 1700s, a worker accidentally dropped some metal filings in a vat of melting glass. When it cooled, it resulted in something with beautiful and iridescent sparkles. (Source)

Blue Aventurine Meanings

There are many things that blue aventurine can be used for, both physical and spiritual. These meanings come from Crystals and Jewelry Meanings.
:sparkles: removing bad habits like alcohol addiction, smoking, and drug addiction *
:sparkles: activate and purify chakras
:sparkles: psychic abilities
:sparkles: overcome selfishness, passive aggression, and overreaction
:sparkles: help with leadership and management skills in your career
:sparkles: demand respect
:sparkles: encourage vision and inspiration
:sparkles: balance hormone levels *
:sparkles: encourage cardiac health *
:sparkles: increase concentration and focus
:sparkles: improve communication skills
:sparkles: provides protection, especially for those prone to accidents and children

You can even meditate with blue aventurine.

Though Blue Aventurine works gradually, it also works steadily and has a great capacity for psychic opening. It is quite useful in meditation as a transitional aid, and brings additional strength and focus to the energies of other stones. Place it upon the Third Eye in meditations, or sleep with one in the pillowcase for dream work. [Simmons, 57] (Source)

As far as spiritual energy goes, Crystal Vaults says that Blue Aventurine is helpful for anyone looking to open up their mind and spirit to innate power. This stone helps in clearing the Throat and Third Eye Chakras and allows a person to perceive their gifts. You can harness the energy of Blue Aventurine by placing a piece of Blue Aventurine on your Third Eye Chakra and envisioning the energy clearing the chakras in your body.

Have you ever worked with Blue Aventurine? How does it work for you? Do you have any tips or advice for anyone new to Blue Aventurine?

Let us know down below!


Ooooh lovely info here @MeganB!
But you can’t fool me :wink: no answers yet haha


I didn’t even know there was such a thing as blue aventurine. It sure looks pretty though!


Such a beautiful stone! I admit I sometimes get Aventurine mixed up with Amazonite- still not sure why. I only have one of each and I mix them up all the time- sorry, crystals! :laughing:

My Orange Aventurine and it is probably my favorite crystal I own- I picked it up in Japan because I liked the name (Aventurine = sounds like “adventure”! :joy:) and it’s come with me on a few trips since then. Learning about Blue Amazonite was lovely- thank you for sharing, @MeganB! :blue_heart:


haha I wasn’t trying – promise! :hugs:

It is very pretty. The blue :blue_heart: is just amazing!

hehe blue aventurine :blue_heart: but yes, you’re right. The name does sound like adventure AND it’s a lovely stone!


Ooo… there is a lot of good information here about blue aventurine. I had no idea that it came in more colors than green. I have never worked with it either, but I think I am going to see if I can find a piece for me and add it to my collection.

I recently just realized another empathic gift that I have and have had for quite some time. So I’m trying to work with that when it occurs to get stronger with it. I believe the gift is with the third eye chakra because it’s shadow people or things in the corner of my periphereal vision. I just never knew there was a name for it or that it’s a gift! I’m very excited about it with the veil thinning this week.


It sounds like blue aventurine :blue_heart: is just the stone you need right now!


I have a stone store in town, I will have to go pay them a visit!


And back at it again with mixing up stones :woman_facepalming::joy: But yes- absolutely gorgeous!

I realized that most of the stones I have with me now are orange/red themed. Maybe it’s just my love for autumn playing tricks on me, or perhaps I need to invest in some other colored stones. Blue Aventurine is going to the top of the (very long) wish list :grin::blue_heart:


It could just be that’s what you need right now :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf:


Ohhhh is this an excuse to buy even more red, orange, and yellow crystals? :thinking: Okay! :star_struck: Hahaha sorry blue aventurine- maybe that will have to wait and be a winter stone :snowflake: :joy:


I just got a lovely, large palm stone of blue aventurine from Santa today! I’m going to have to meditate with it and see what it says. It’s got such lovely swirls, it looks like the ocean made a rock.


Thanks for all the information! :slight_smile: Seems like a pretty nice stone. I agree with the TravelWitch, the name adventurine is super cool.


So exciting- enjoy your new treasure, @Amethyst! :large_blue_circle::two_hearts:

Isn’t it, @colin!? :laughing: It makes me want to carry one in my pocket and go on an epic quest and great adventure! :world_map::star_struck: