Moon Water Basics 💧

I have seen Moon Water come up in a few posts & how to use it. I thought I would make a more detailed post about it to further the reading after the information that is on the Spells8 Site.

Moon Water

A Few Tid Bits

Moon water has been around since at least the 1800s & has been a very versatile tool for pagans & witches around the world. It is highly connected to emotions & spirituality. Early humans caught the connection between the 29 day lunar cycle & a woman’s cycle. The Moon’s cycle has been a part of cultural & religious ceremonies since before history was regularly recorded. Many ancient religions saw the moon as a female deity, like the Greek goddess Selene and the Roman goddess Luna. The Mesopotamians had a male moon god named Sin. Germanic tribes had the male god Mani. Also, many cultures went by a lunar calendar rather than the solar calendar.

Moon water is a type of consecrated water. It has holy and magickal associations for witches and pagans. Similar in many ways to Holy Water for Christians, moon water is a powerful tool for removing negative energy.

Do you ever feel like you are getting closer or more emotional when the full moon is coming? Witches believe that the Moon can control our emotions, and sentient beings like us have a deep attachment to the Moon’s energy. On full moon days, our emotions can sometimes become difficult to control, maybe easier to anger, or easier to cry, … These are emotional energies that need to be released, and the Moon is making sure it is done.

The moon is like a mirror that amplifies energy, both good and bad, and our sixth sense. Moon energy is most powerful on full moon days and we can use its power. The moon has high cleansing properties and at the same time opens up, connected to the nature hidden deep within us, we can use that energy through the Moon Water

Moon water is usually created beneath the full moon, but it can be created beneath other moon phases as well. The full moon will give you the most lunar light in the absence of sunlight, producing the most well-charged water. However, if you expose your water to moonlight several nights in a row (preferably during the waxing period), you can still achieve a signification charge.

Water can be charged for more specific purposes by choosing to charge your moon water during a specific sign of the zodiac.

Herbs, oils and stones can be added to moon water to enhance its energies as well. Herbs and oils are usually added as a finishing touch, but stones can be placed in the water at the start of the process.

Moon Phase Meanings

New moon : This is the time for new beginnings. Magick to take advantage of the clean slate is best now. Start new projects, start a new exercise program, gather your thoughts, execute plans.

Waxing crescent moon : Set your intentions now. Send out your hopes and desires. This is a good time to start law of attraction magick.

First quarter moon : Kick down obstacles. Now is the time to take action and push forward.

Waxing gibbous moon : This is a time to reexamine the intentions you’ve set and realign them with the universe. This is also when you want to work to bring in money and prosperity.

Full moon : This is the time to reap the rewards of the spells you did in the previous cycle or previous months. This is also the time to do charging spells, and to enhance your psychic energy.

Waning gibbous moon : This is a time of introspection and giving thanks. It’s also the right time to expel negative energy and banish curses.

Third quarter moon : Release and let go of bad habits. Clear out junk and focus on self care spells.

Waning crescent : The time for cleansing. Cleanse the house with holy water or sage. Recuperate and rest. Feel and enjoy the coming emptiness. Release things in your life that aren’t helpful.

Here’s How to Create Moon Water:

  1. Fill the jar (bowl, cup, glass, …) with filtered water, it is recommended to use a water bottle or jar to have a screw cap in the ant room, dust, bugs, …
  2. Choose a place the moonlight can reach either at your altar corner or window sill and leave the jar there overnight.
  3. Pray (bless) for your water and bring your wish to the water in the vase.
  4. You can use that water the next morning.
  • Leave the water overnight, the more moonlight the water is exposed to, the more energy it will be charged.

  • If using a reusable bottle or not being used for a long time, wash it with salt water and dry before using it, then wash the bottle with soap, rinse with hot water.

  • You can do step 3 or step 2 first.

  • Water can be stored in the refrigerator to prolong its use time.

  • Bacteria can and will grow in water.

  • You should bring your lunar water indoors before sunrise.

  • You can also leave your water out for a full month.

If you do that, you will have general moon charged water, probably best not to use for things that require ingesting it at that point.

Some more rituals for step 3 (choose the one you like, or do as you please as long as you feel it is right):

  • Hold the jar with two hands.

  • Keep the bottle close to the chest where the heart is.

  • Sing or read hymns.

  • Ask for the Moon to recharge your water.

You can choose the color of the bottle corresponding to your wishes:

  • Transparent: lucid, focused, clear, elemental gas, magic moon, heal.

  • White opaque: Moon energy, storm magic, protect, heal.

  • Pink: love, relationships, friendship.

  • Red: passion, elemental fire, love, love magic (sex).

  • Amber (orange light yellow): magic animal, elemental earth, protection.

  • Green: faerie magic, prosperity, wealth, health, and healing.

  • Blue (sea/sky): water magic, mermaid magic, heal, psychic powers boost, divination, tranquility, Blue Moon magick.

  • Purple: Spiritual element, magic, increase self-strength, protect.

How To Super Charge Your Moon Water

While lunar-charged water is simple to create, it can be enhanced with oils, herbs, and crystals.

Here are crystals that are generally safe in water:

In general crystals/stones that should not come into contact with water includes any that end in “-ite”

  • Some crystals that you should keep out of water include carnelian, galena, lodestone, mica, obsidian, opals, pearls, turquoise

@SilverBear shared information on toxicity & crystals also:

Crystal Elixirs - How to’s, Cautions, and Magick

(@christina4 may have more information to add about crystals/stones that should not be in contact with water)

… Remember that some things cannot be put into the water such as herbs because they are perishable, pearls will lose their brightness or be broken, … do research to determine if items are safe to be in water and/or ingested.

Moon Water Uses:

Charge And Cleanse Objects And People

Use moon charged water to cleanse your crystals. Keep in mind that some crystals can be damaged by water, though!

  • You can cleanse yourself with moon charged water, too.

  • Moon water can be used as a hair rinse. Or you can pour a cup into your bath.

  • Cool water does better with lunar magick. Hot water may not work as well.

  • If your moon water is fresh, drink it to remove bad energy from yourself. Also opens up our intuition and improves psychic abilities.

  • Only use moon water or in your body if you’re sure it’s safe and fresh!

Use Moon Water Around The Home

Clean your home to bring peaceful energy into your space.

Water your plants with moon water in a loving ritual that will help to keep your plants healthy and happy

Cleanse mirrors with moon charged water to prepare them for scrying.

Put moon water into a spray bottle to quickly cleanse yourself or your home. This is a great way to cleanse your aura or prepare to meditate.

Spray moon water onto your bed to encourage psychic dreams.

  • Fill a vase with moon water and a cut flower arrangement.

  • Add moon water and essential oils that correspond to the moon into your diffuser or your humidifier.

  • Freeze moon water in an ice cube tray to add to cold drinks.

  • Add some to a swimming pool before swimming for a relaxing and healing time in the water.

  • Use it in your pet’s water bowl to cleanse them of negative experiences.

  • Get your kids involved in your magick by filling water balloons with moon water!

  • Add it to your washing machine when washing your clothes.

  • Cleanse your work space with moon water frequently.

  • Use moon charged water in your car to help you keep a clear head while driving.

Use Moon Water Spiritually

Put your moon charged water into a beautiful chalice and place it on your altar to honor the moon.

  • Cleanse your magickal amulets and jewelry in this water.
  • Add this water to a bowl and float candles on it on your altar.
  • Anoint yourself with moon water before rituals or speaking with a goddess.*
  • Add it to a black bowl to use it for scrying.
  • Use your moon water with watercolor paints to add magick to your creativity.
  • Set intentions. When you set your water out to be charged by the moon, write an intention on the container that will be holding the water. Then, as you use that water, your intention will become an active spell that will surround wherever the water is used.
  • Cleanse your magickal amulets and jewelry in this water.
  • Add this water to a bowl and float candles on it on your altar.
  • Anoint yourself with moon water before rituals or speaking with a goddess.
  • Add it to a black bowl to use it for scrying.
  • Use your moon water with watercolor paints to add magick to your creativity.
  • Set intentions. When you set your water out to be charged by the moon, write an intention on the container that will be holding the water. Then, as you use that water, your intention will become an active spell that will surround wherever the water is used.

Moon Water For Beauty

Cleanse your face with moon water as a simple beauty spell.

Moon Water Toner

Make a face cleanser with a magickal punch.

This toner will be anti-aging/beautifying.


  • 1/4 cup green tea
  • 1/8 cup pure pomegranate juice
  • 1/8 cup fresh moon water
  • 1 spray bottle


Cool down the green tea to room temperature.

Dilute the pomegranate juice with the moon water.

Add all ingredients to a spray bottle.

Store in the refrigerator.

Spray on your face after washing your face and before you use serum or moisturizer

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I use moon water as described in one of its uses. Mainly for anointing myself before ritual. I have it in a beautiful bowl next to the entry of the room:

Here I will anoint/cleanse myself prior to cleansing the whole room with smoke and changing into my ritual robes.

I then do an opening ritual and perform whatever works it is I wish to perform within myself and do a closing ceremony.

So moon water has uses my end :slight_smile:



A beautiful master post about Moon Water- this is a great resource, @Siofra_Strega! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This information ties in really well with the discussion a while back about moon waters from different moon phases and mixing moon water from different phases (as well as using moon water charged by all 13 moons)- so I’ve added the links in here for anyone interested. I think it’s wonderful that you included the properties of the other phases of the moon for making moon water too! :heart::blush:

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Great post @Siofra_Strega but yeah tigers eye shouldn’t be in water if you’re going to drink it or apply it to the skin.


Thank you! & Thank you! :two_hearts:

I know that Tiger’s Eye contains forms of asbestos/silicosis whether it’s blue, red, or gold. I remember when I was first learning about that stone & the different colors that multiple sources say to :soap: wash your hands after handling Tiger’s Eye stones & :mask: not to inhale any dust from them. :blush:

I added a link that goes over crystal toxicity & elixirs to the post. Thank you for the reminder. :hugs:


@Siofra_Strega This is an awesome job and just would like to add Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Water Consciousness Experiment here as it’s very relevant to making Moon Water or any water you like. Dr. Masaru Emoto and Water Consciousness (


Wow, @Siofra_Strega what a wonderful presentation about Moon Water and what it can be used for, also how to create Moon Water. I loved the part about collecting Moon Water in the different colored bottles. I feel I learned more about Moon Water. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. Excellent. :full_moon: :full_moon_with_face:


SUCH an beautifully written and informative post! thank you for sharing!!


New Moon Water :question:

I’ve never really given it much thought as to where the moon physical is during the new moon cycle. I was planning to make some New Moon Water (dec 3, 2021) and used my skyview app to locate her. :telescope:

Well, the moon was hanging out with the sun below the horizon. I’ve seen countless illustrations of the earth moon and sun cycles but it didn’t dawn on me as to how it looks from my perspective. (lol, it takes me awhile to really “get” some ideas.)

It seems the directions are to keep the water out of sunlight so it is the darkness of the night rather than where the moon is in the sky that guides this? I realize that I’ve got my science hat on but my whole way of seeing things is shoke! :ocean::woman_scientist:t4: :new_moon_with_face: :sunny: :exploding_head:

I’m totally new to Moon Water, enjoyed using my Full Moon water and am eager to gather more information from you sage Luna souls. At the end of the day I return to my intuition, but love learning and connection with others.

Inquiring mind needs to know :laughing:

edit: I found some answers! Moon rise and MoonSet


In general it’s a matter of personal preference. Yes, you could charge Moon water in the middle of the day but that’s not very traditional since the symbolism of the Moon is being a beacon of light during the darkness of night.


So much useful tips in here. Thank you for sharing. Blessed be


I love this @Siofra_Strega its very detailed! I just read it again. One thing i can add is that if you do use tigers eye or something similar, the tumbled version of that stone would be better for placing in water but not to drink in cryatal elixirs. You could make moon water but not drinking water.


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This is awesome, thank you for this! I do have a question. I have a few bottles of moon water that I have had over a year. If I don’t use that moon water in a certain period of time do I have to recharge it or should I offer it back to nature and create another bottle after a certain period of time?