Full Moon, Moon Water and Florida Water

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I would like to make some moon water and Florida water but don’t know a good way to do it. I’ve looked up a few ways but I would love more seasoned practitioners advice. Thank you in advance.


Funny, I was just reading about moon water today. I have made some and I don’t think there is any real trick to it. I put a glass jar I have cleaned in the moonlight. I keep the lid on because I use it in the bath but some don’t. Tomorrow, I’m making some with spring water because I’m going to use it to make Moon tea :slight_smile: Here is the spells8 recipe: https://spells8.com/moon-water/

If you use distilled water, you can put it in a diffuser or humidifier
If you use spring water, you can refrigerate and drink it in tea, etc.
water plants with it
Put it in ritual baths
add herbs and lemon and wash floors with it
add to laundry
asperge with a rosemary twig or other herb and shake it around your space, altar or tools
put it in a bottle and mist things :slight_smile:
put some on your altar as an offering
so many things. maybe I will make moon jello, lol

You can make Florida water a lot of different ways, you can also buy it. It’s just an inexpensive cologne, like the American version of 4711. Here is the spells8 recipe: https://spells8.com/florida-water-traditional-recipe/ but darned if I know what you do with it!


@mary25 shared some great links, we also have topicsin the forum for both:

Moon Water Basics :droplet:

What is Florida Water and Why Do We Want It? :green_heart:

Making Florida Water


I make moon water two ways for two different purposes. I use a sealed gallon of spring water that I place outside on the night of the full/ new moon. I use this in my teas and spells where I’m ingesting something. I also have a glass bottle that I will fill with tap water that I place outside. I use this for simmer pots or spells that don’t involve ingestion. I do keep the lids on as we have a lot of bugs here in Houston year round and when it’s windy leaves and dirt can blow in the bottles.

I also make a bottle specifically for my Deity Selene (Greek Moon Goddess) to keep her offering glass full.

I purchase Florida water from a local metaphysical store but you can find tons of different ways to make it and @mary25 already shared the Spells8 recipe.


There isn’t really a trick to making moon water. It’s just water that’s been charged by the light of the moon in any of her phases. If you plan to consume or otherwise use the water on your skin, make sure the water is safe to consume. In other words, don’t drink rainwater that’s been charged by the moon :grimacing: if you don’t plan to consume it then you can use it to water your plants or even clean your floors. If the water isn’t from the tap/spring water, be very careful in how you use it. One example would be rainwater. If you plan to use moon water you’ve made with collected rainwater to cleanse your floors, you’ll want to add a bit of bleach or other antibacterial liquid to the water. Rainwater collects so much bacteria and gunk that it can start to smell or even mold or go rancid. You definitely don’t want that on your floor.

As for Florida Water, I’ve never made it myself but a few people in the forum have. If you search up “Florida Water” here on the forum, you’ll get a bunch of results!


Can you still drink moon water if use tap water to make it? Or is it only if use spring water? I’ve not been sure what to do with my moon and sun water tbh. I wondered what the purpose of it. I read about drinking it but I have only made it with two water so I was wondering can you drink moon water if made with tap water n what does it do? Like what is moon water good for. Does that male sense. ?


Oh, yes! Our water here is just gross, lol, and I don’t like the way it tastes. You can use any water you want for any ingestion spells/ teas as long as it is safe to drink. I’m just picky.

You can use moon/ sun water in place of regular water in many things to add the energy of the moon/sun. You can use it to cleanse/ charge crystals that can go in water (do your research! I am no expert and have to look it up every time). I sometimes will fill a spray bottle and spritz around your house to “refresh” the energy. Like I mentioned I use it for teas, sometimes I’ll use sun water to add extra energy to my coffee if I’m having a rough week. You can also add some to your bath water for self-cleansing. You can also water your plants with it. Pretty much you can do whatever you want with it.

The energy of the sun will depend a lot on where it is. For example, if you want to be more organized, make sun water when the sun is in Virgo. Just match the energy of the sun to your intention. This involves a basic level of astrology to understand the energies associated with each sign.

Moon water can be made during any phase of the moon and they each have their own energies.

  • New Moon: time for new beginnings
  • Waxing Moon: to bring something in
  • Full Moon: the most powerful, success, goals coming to fruition; charing items
  • Waning Moon: to remove/ banish
  • Dark Moon (just before the new moon): powerful healing vibes, make peace with things before starting next cycle; some use it for cursing/ hexing

I hope this helps.


I have a great recipe for Florida Water. This is from a post 4 weeks ago and it turned out beautiful!

Not sure how this is going to turn out, but I am attempting to make Florida water. I have read several different recipes for it so I’m using what I have on hand. 2 cups of vodka, 1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 orange, a handful of fresh rosemary, basil and mint, a few cloves, a few cinnamon sticks and dried lavender I filled the rest of the jar up with water. I am going to charge it under the full moon tonight. One recipe said to let it sit for a 29 days but they were using citrus peels and I’m using the whole fruit so I don’t know if it will hold up. We will see.


@EternalIndigo It takes 29 days for this recipe. You can boil all the ingredients together to make a quick batch but it turns brown from the spices. I would shake the jar everyday and keep it covered with a dish towel. It took a lot of patience, but now I wish I had the stuff to do another batch this month to start tonight on the full moon. I will have to wait until next month but this should last awhile because I’m going to water it down when I put it in the spray bottles.


Lol I was going to ask what you use Florida water for then I seen others weren’t sure either. Does anyone know what Florida water is used for? I’m curious to find out😁


@danni1 Florida Water is a wonderful scent blend that is very cleansing, you can spray it over whatever it is that you are cleansing or sprinkle it in a room.

What is Florida Water and Why Do We Want It? :green_heart:


Thanks for that. And that link was awesome so Thank you for that as well. I’ve heard ppl mention Florida water and always thought it was water collected from Florida n wondered what it was used for lol but I’m learning more each day not just its use but also that it’s not water from some lake in Florida or ocean water from Florida or something like that. I’m in Australia so I was like if this is useful how am I gonna get some lol so it’s nice to know I can make it myself and some ways it can be used so a big huge thankyou. It sounds pretty cool. Hope your day is going well.


Oh my goodness! @Phoenix_Fire I’m so sorry I should have mentioned that part. I can see how that would be confusing for someone in another area of the world.

If you make it on the stovetop, as it’s simmering it smells amazing.


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