Rose Quartz Info 💎

      **Rose Quartz**

Mineral Family: Quartz
Structure: Silicate
Hardness: 7
Numerology Vibration: 9
Chakra: Heart :heart:
Zodiac: Taurus, Libra, Scorpio
Element: Water
Planet: Venus
Color: Pink, Dark Pink, Sometimes with a Red hue

:rose:Rose Quartz is the “stone of unconditional love”.
A stone of pure love. It assists in awakening the heart to it’s purest loving potential, allowing one to find love for themselves and others.

:sparkles:Crystals work well paired with other crystals. Let’s see which ones rose quartz play well with:
Emerald awakening of the heart is enhanced and deeply connects one to the energies of Venus.
Tiger’s Eye assists in realizing the hearts desire.
Moldavite provides a powerful enhancement to one’s abilities of spiritual awakening through the heart center and the power of love.

:two_hearts:Other Properties:
Soothing, calming and patience, love and relationships, joy, creativity, clearing, physical healing, empathy, cleansing, relaxation, and anxiety relief.

                   -Crystal Council

Rose Quartz Flame

Rose Quartz Towers

A nice chunky Rose Quartz

My beautiful random shaped Rose Quartz


I have an abundance of this stone too! I kind of love it though. I have it on my keys with Black Tourmaline!