Tigers eye

Have you worked with tigers eye?


Tiger’s Eye was my first stone & I have fallen in love with every piece I own over and over again.

I started with Gold. I have a ridiculous amount of Gold :rofl:

Now I have Red Tiger’s Eye & Blue Tiger’s Eye (Hawk’s Eye) in varying shapes & sizes.

I can’t wait to watch this!


Hooray for Tiger’s Eye!!! :tiger: :gem: I have a blue one somewhere, it’s really relaxing to sit and hold it in the light, watching the shiny colors flash and dance. A very beautiful stone and a great one to include in the Craft!

Question, though- I keep hearing mixed opinions of whether or not it’s okay to get wet. Some say it’s fine, just dry it off quickly so it doesn’t disintegrate, while others say it isn’t safe to get wet at all :thinking: I guess, when it doubt, don’t let it get wet!

Thanks so much for this beautiful video and for sharing your wisdom @Silverbear! :heart:


Tigers Eye has a Mohs hardness rating of 7, indicating that it is completely safe to come into contact with water without fear of damage. In fact it’s one of the ones I use in a roller-bottle oil I make. :smiley:

With anystone however, if you KEEP it in water (especially salt water) or use very hot or very cold all the time it will eventually break down.


That is really great to know- thank you so much for clearing that up, @Silverbear :pray::heart: I have one Tiger’s Eye bead on a bracelet I used to wear all the time (and wash my hands with, shower with, etc) so I took it off because I wasn’t sure if I should be letting it get wet. I’m more confident about it now- thanks again! :blush:


Ah! I just used small pieces & chips to add to some oils that I made!

@TheTravelWitch_Bry I love to watch the flashes & bands dance in the light, whether natural or from a lamp. Just so fascinating & I can easily get lost in watch it too.


Agreed! It’s mesmerizing to watch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@SilverBear thank you for the new video! I loved to work with Tiger eye when making my mother blends and oils. I would always place a piece in anything I made her and would set it in her home. She is OCD/addictive/Manic-depressive amongst other things prior to her passing this last year - so it did have a grounding and calming effect on her that I liked.

I did not ever use it for the protection effects, I use other things, but I can think about that. Also about some of the other colors too, since it’s so beautiful! Thanks again!