How to Program your Water: Making Blessed Water 💧

Programming / charging water can help you with your spells and manifestations! Or you can use this simple technique as a quick ritual to relax and feel better. :relieved:

Charged Water: Uses :sweat_drops:

As a natural symbol of purification, 🜄 Water has been used for milennia as a means of removing uncleanness.

Some people choose to drink blessed water while others prefer to gently sprinkle it, as a way to bless their plants, animals, or objects. Charged water allows for purification and removal of negative energies of the body and home.

How to Program your Water :droplet:

Many Spiritist centers in South America, especially in Brazil, use this technique called “Água Fluidificada”. In this tradition, Spirit doesn’t require any intermediaries to charge the water, and any person with faith and focus can charge water for their own purposes.

This is my preferred method of charging/programming water with intention.

You’ll need:

  • A glass cup
  • Water

It’s best to get water from a nearby spring if possible, but you can use tap water as well. Just like with Moon Water, only use rain water if you don’t plan to drink this water.

How to Program Your Water

  1. Touch the glass with your hands. You can hold it or just use the tip of your fingers.

  2. Focus on your intention. If you don’t have any specific intentions for this water, simply pray or use the chant below.

  3. Focus on programming the water for about five minutes.

Chant to bless water:

"Mother Goddess, Divine Father,
Purify this water with your infinite powers,
Bless the water with your light."

You can also use a Water invocation like this one to bless the water.

Depending on the circumstances, you could use a stronger chant, like this Exorcism of the Water from the Alexandrian Book of Shadows:

“I exorcise thee, O Creature of Water, that thou cast out from thee all the impurity and uncleanliness of the world of phantasm. In the names of Cernunnos and Cerridwen.”

Extra Tips for Programming your Water:

  • Focus on feelings of peace and harmony. You can use peaceful, relaxing music to transmit it to the water.

  • You can add some salt to the water as you bless it. Salt is great for purification of any item. Be careful with the quantities if you plan on drinking it or watering the plants with this salt water.

  • Any time is good for blessing water. You can certainly do this on a Full Moon or any other lunar time, depending on the intention.

This has been my entry for this week’s Witchy Challenge of the Element Water. I hope you try it!

Blessed Be! :pray:


@Francisco, this great ! I definitely plan on doing and have handy. I use my moon water that I’ve bottled up. But this is great to charge water at anytime. Thank you


This is wonderful, Francisco! I feel like you’ve opened the door to so many possibilities- there are so many uses and ways to use blessed water :pray::droplet:

Thank you for the helpful information and ideas to get started- I’m going to give this one a try! :grin:


Yes, I so agree with this! :open_hands:


@Francisco this is great information!:exclamation: I could definitely use this today :slight_smile: thank you so much for your input :grin:


Thanks for the information. I wondered about something shortly after reading this. Is it possible to empower something like water with the energy of the moon without having direct moonlight available? I want to make moon water but if I place a glass outside it’ll freeze overnight. Also there’s not a lot of moonlight coming in through my windows. I’m thinking maybe I could use my wand somehow with a chant at night time before I go to bed but I’m open to suggestion.


A few thoughts to offer on this- could you bring the frozen moon water inside the next morning, allowing it to melt before use? It seems like this water would then carry both the essence of the moon and ice- it’s exciting to think of the spellwork possibilities with such a product! :full_moon::snowflake::star_struck:

If that’s not an option (and I certainly wouldn’t blame you- stomping out in the snow to collect frozen water before dawn does not sound very fun :laughing:) I personally think it is completely okay to draw the essence of the moon from the air- without direct moon light.

For me, the energy of the moon in the sky fills the air- it can be sensed in the woods, the city, indoors, and out. Leaving out your water with the intent to absorb the current energy can definitely work in my opinion! :+1: After all, on cloudy nights even moon water left outside wouldn’t be in the direct light! :cloud::full_moon:

Good luck with charging your water, Colin! :blue_heart:


Direct moonlight is not strictly necessary. The full moon will be shining on the entire face of the earth at once.

It’s nice to be able to see the Full Moon diretly but this is one of those things where it only matters of you believe it matters. Placing the jar on a windowsill indoors is always a good option.

I like your idea of saying a chant to charge the Moon Water with your wand. Here’s one you can use:

“Power of the Moon, strengthen my heart and my hopes, cleanse my vision and my voice.”


Thank you I will try. :slight_smile: