Hand of Power Anti-Harassment Spell

Hi all, so call me crazy or call it fate something just clicked today… As my husband went out by himself (a miracle if you ask me, as never goes anywhere without me), i took it into my own power to do a few spells (don’t worry i took precautions like opening and closing a circle and i also did a grounding meditation, thanks Spells8), and i started to look for a spell which would assist myself (not my husband) which will protect me from his harassment. I went through my book 'The element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells By Judika Illes, and i was shocked with what i found…
Out of many Anti-harassment spells one just blew me away…

There buried in the list of spells was the Hand of Power Anti-Harassment Spell… Why is this shocking you may ask? Well many months back when i was passing a jewellery store i brought this amulet>>>

I never found use for it but knew i needed it and boom today there a spell which was waiting to be found by me could not be more useful…

It goes as so:

Stop Harassment via the use of a powerful amulet. Although various kinds exist, in this instance an open palmed hand is ideal- something like the Jewish hamza or the Muslim Hand of Fatima, Strengthen the amulet with essential oil of lavender regularly. Wear amulet.

OMG! not only am i a Muslim (obviously), but i had both a new unused amulet (Hand of Fatima) and lavender essential oil (high quality). I took it into my own hands to cleanse the amulet, anoint it with lavender oil and put all my intentions into it then wore it.
I will let you know how it goes after some time…

*Note: I am not into changing others only myself and due to the unbearable and unchanging behaviour which affects me to the extreme I needed to do this spell. I’m saying this my husband is a lovely person no doubt, but his name calling, put downs, accusations, constant coherence behaviour, constantly checking on me, and overall saying that I am the cause of his depression and appearing unhappy when with me (although he he becomes extremely stressed without me by his side 24/7) I have done this for myself and myself only in the hope this will assist me and help me process my emotions…


That’s a beautiful amulet :hamsa: and it looks like it found you at the right time!

I hope your spell went well and does everything you need it to :sparkles:


That is really beautiful. I like this spell. If you see any others, please share! Also share: kitty pictures! Need more (more, more, more) kitty pictures!


Hahahah Sure will take some today been meaning to do it so i can make some posters to see if the owner is looking for her… :blush:


Thank you i hope so too


Lots of strength to you throughout the process. I hope it kicks in right away . :slight_smile:


Thank you me too :blush: Although it is early days my husband’s attitude has changes so much as soon as he came home until now… He has been wanting cuddles, let me buy all the witchy items i had on my wishlist (he is usually very tight with money, and even brought me so many extras while we went out alone without the kids) together for coffee and lunch. I am also working on setting up my little ‘bee’ care (its yellow with busy bee plates and so much bee accessories too). When it is complete i will share it… Very witchy too lol


Thats pretty awesome! Im glad you’ve seen some progress. I also hope that his emotional stability stays the same and doesn’t change anymore.

Bees are awesome I hope that I get to have a garden with more bees than its “normal” to have someday. :slight_smile:


Me too i am so persuading my husband to get me a bee colony. It is funny however as i am extremely scared of them. I see it as i should embrace my fears so i can progress in life. Reasons for being scared of bees are:
-I sat on one as a kid when i was swimming in my uncles pool
-Gotten stung an unlimited amount of times… :laughing:
As a kids these things stick and yes although i know if i don’t bother them they won’t hurt me, i am willing to go up and close and even try to get one to sit on my hand but if they chase me or fly off, i swear i will be the first person to flee leaving anyone behind no questions asked lol :laughing:


What do you guys think of keeping talismans of bee or other insects in amulets or similar items? Is it bad? I mean i did not harm any of them to have the deceased insects but i see them everywhere and cannot lie i always wanted a bee amulet…


Bees carry an extremely high frequency, often times when getting stung its because there’s an imbalance in your energy. You could compare it to when dogs bark at humans, its because they sense that there’s something off. (Unless the animal has been abused then their sensing can be off sometimes otherwise they’re always spot on)
If you’re that scared of them still its probably best to start out small you dont want to harm the animals in the process. I worked in a place where they did beekeeping and you have to be able to keep your calm to work with insects like that. Even you’re heart rate needs to be extremely calm during the process. If you haven’t mastered that yet then its best for the sake of you and the animals to wait until you feel you’re truly ready.


Good idea… I will start small with the bees foraging nectar in my front and backyard before i start looking after a whole colony!


Wishing you successful spellwork, @TheMuslimWitch- it sounds like all the pieces fit into place and that this spell was meant for you to find it :hamsa: :sparkles:

I don’t think it’s bad at all- I’ve been on a bit of an amber craze lately, and the most valuable and sought-after pieces are the ones with insects, bugs, and plants in them. Also, bees go hand-in-hand with magick! Have you seen the Bee Magick Discussion yet? There might be some inspiration there to help inspire your lovely bee zone :honeybee: :blush:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Great as i had to buy a beautiful amber and bee piece it is stunning i hung it in my car and has 33 bees in it :blush:


That’s lovely! Amber is known for its healing properties- it’s nice to keep a piece around here and there, and in the car I bet it shines beautifully in the sun :sun_with_face: :sparkles:

33 bees in the amber!?!?! :astonished: Gosh that must be an amazing piece! I imagine it cost quite a pretty penny too- amber is most valuable when it has something in it, so 33 somethings must truly be(e) amazing! :honeybee: :wink:


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