Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

Happy pride month everyone, smile’s :heartbeat: reminds me allot when I was gay​:heartbeat::heartbeat::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag: but our country is among the countries that serves 14 years imprisonment to any gay caught :pensive:
Well is a long time now, but I do celebrate the pride month every year :rainbow_flag:


Sometimes people who are spiritually bonded have better relationships than people who get married. So don’t be ashamed of it. And that’s a good way of putting it!


Happy Pride Month! One of my sweet kiddos just came out on Monday (non binary). It’s the beginning of a new journey for our family, but I am so proud of them for trusting us enough to want us to be a part of the learning! Our household has always been super queer friendly, but I was definitely caught a little off guard (also kiddo did it over text on a 3 week trip… I get it, super safe), but Im pretty sure I didn’t botch the whole thing up! I’m a little sad that they want to change their name because I ADORE their birth name… but I get it and their new name (Fenix) is pretty epic and suits them too. Cheers to a new adventure with the people I love the most! I can’t wait for them to get home so I can hug them! My kid is all kinds of brave! :rainbow:


Happy Pride Month to everyone!!


That’s amazing that you and your partner have such a strong bond :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I agree that the spiritual and emotional bond is much stronger than a piece of paper in the relationship! :heart:

That being said, I am super grateful that the USA protects the right of gay marriage :pray: Because these days, when I think of marriage, the first thing I actually think of is the legal and human rights benefits it gives. I didn’t used to think of marriage this way until I became half of an international couple, but without a recognized and legal marriage certificate, it is extremely challenging for international couples like us to be together.

I am so so so sorry to hear that, Amara. Parts of the world have taken huge leaps forward in protecting the rights of LGBT+ people, but unfortunately not everywhere is a safe place in the modern day.

I pray that things improve there very soon- please stay safe and know that, no matter what outdated rules or beliefs the current government in your country has in place, you are wonderful and perfect just the way you are, and that you are loved! :heart::rainbow_flag:

A huge congrats to your Fenix! :partying_face: :rainbow_flag: They are so lucky to have such a supportive mom and family :heart::blush:

As for their birth name, I believe some people keep it as a middle (or second middle name), but others have some tough memories attached to their “deadname” and choose to leave it in the past. Whatever they choose, the most important thing is that they can wear their name(s) with pride :two_hearts:

Happy Pride month!!! :partying_face:


Girl, I am 51 years old and there are people that still think my bisexuality is a phase!! :rofl: It helps me to always keep in mind that their issue is not about me, it is their own need to make sense of it somehow. What’s funny to me is that so many people confuse bisexuality with polyamory! I’ve been asked so many times how I can be bi when I’m in a monogamous relationship with a man. My response is usually something like “Well, you’re hetero, but you’re in a relationship with only one person, not all the men out there!” :rofl: I even had a therapist who thought I was a swinger because I’m bi! I was like-um, yeah, really not the same thing at all!


Geez, after a comment like that my first thought wouldn’t have been gently explaining things, it would have been: “guess it’s time to get me a new therapist!” :laughing: Recently I’ve seen that there are LGBT+ positive or focused therapists (my current health insurance actually has filters- you can select professionals who specialize in or mention LGBT+)- you’re already bearing your heart and soul to someone else, I think it can go a long way to form a bond of trust if they already understand this big part of who someone is :rainbow_flag: :heart:

Anyways, I’m rambling again- what I really wanted to say is that your patience is legendary and worthy of applause, @BrightBear! :clap::blush:


@BrightBear so true!!! I tell people that all the time. I’ve had boyfriends in the past get upset because I wouldn’t “bring a girl over”. I was “uh, I thought we were not seeing other people?” It always confused me how it is so difficult for people to understand that we are not poly just because we like both men and women.


I find myself researching what questions I have because I don’t want to offend anyone. Just from my daughter, there have been more than 4 things I have had to look up because I wasn’t sure what she was referring to with her friends. They are in 7th grade (12/13 years old, which is a weird stage for everyone) & it ranges from gay through demi, pan, bi, ace, transgender, furries? For some of these, my original understanding was skewed because it was through word of mouth & not someone knowledgeable about the subjects or looking up the information to understand better.

I think everyone should be able to be their authentic selves without questions or comments that aren’t necessary. Let everyone do what is best for themselves & their paths & their highest good.

@BrightBear, I honestly would have changed therapists & thanked her for her time, but it won’t work out. Good for you being true to yourselves @Amaris_Bane & BrightBear.

I’m in shock about the “it’s just a phase” all the time after so many years & the complete lack of knowledge or common sense maybe? :thinking:


@Siofra_Strega I’m very open regarding discussions. I’ve had friends that will come up all timid wanting to ask questions but not offend. I tell them that the simple fact that they are willing to learn more shows they care!

I’m currently working to educate my “friends” (they love in the same RV park as it’s and we hang out with them but if I had a choice I would pick different people) on transgender topics. Living in Texas means that they are super conservative. They think that transgenders are all “men playing dress up in women’s clothes” and are for the bathroom bills. It blows their minds when I show them pictures of FTMs and ask if they want to use the bathroom with them because they were assigned the gender of female at birth.

I am waiting for the day for people to realize if they keep their noses out of other people’s business, the world would beat much happier place. But I’m not holding my breathe on it.


I have the same feeling & it’s going to be far longer than we will be around for it not to be something taboo in so many areas with so many people.

Living here, you never know what is going to offend who… my neighbors know that I have a cousin in Provincetown that was once married to his husband & had a pagan wedding ceremony. They have since divorced, but you hear the comments from people walking on the sidewalk to listening to people talk downtown in a store…

My town is highly dependent on the “summer” months for survival throughout the year. They make all of their money once the weather gets nice because people come from literally all over to visit. It amazes me that knowing that information, people in this town aren’t more involved with their own households & have to know about everyone else’s & take issue with the most mundane things.

In my town we can’t buy single-serve water bottles, I have to go to the town across the line or on the mainland. They don’t allow certain types of containers for alcohol to be sold. On one of the largest beaches in town, you can’t play with footballs, volleyball, frisbees & the like. Also no fires or other means of cooking on the beach… the locals have called the town board the “fun police”. We have a lot of… different kinds of rules here regarding the main public beach or other public beaches for a place that is supposed to be welcoming to all.


Oh no! I grew up in a college town and we used to call ours the same thing! They would always pass stupid ordinances that made no sense. Like you can’t have more than 2 unrelated people in an apartment/house. So a 4-bedroom apartment/house became unrentable in a college town because college kids can’t afford that without 3 other roommates.


Exactly what they do, you can’t have dogs on or around the public beaches during certain times of the day, no type of cooking or fire, no sports or playing catch, chase, any of the like… the town itself aside from the beaches… no single-serve water bottles or alcohol (nip bottles), certain types of bottles can no longer be made of glass because of the beaches & parks & people not wearing shoes all the time here… ridiculous things. Meanwhile, we go 5 minutes down the road & by 3 cases of water… the difference is when I do that, I have to pour the water from the water bottle into like a HydroFlask or other travel drink container so they don’t know it came from the case of water… I can’t imagine if this was a college town, it would never survive.


HAPPY PRIDE TO ALL :heartpulse::relaxed::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag: A very special month indeed!


Yup! I did end up getting a new one because it just didn’t work, but I gave her a couple of different chances. She was a nice person, she just didn’t get me. :rofl:

Thank you so much, @TheTravelWitch_Bry!! It did not come naturally to me! I learned it through my youngest daughter, who has autism. She and her older sister are my greatest teachers. :heart:

I know! It helps to have a good sense of humor about it all, and I can tell you do! :hugs: :heart:


Sorry, @Siofra_Strega, I didn’t see this earlier! I did change therapists, but I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt. She’s a nice lady, but we weren’t vibing.


If your dentist doesn’t get you, they can still fix your teeth, but a therapist needs to build a bond of trust and understanding in order to be able to do their job right. It can be tough, but good for you for being able to step back when things didn’t work out :clap: I hope you were able to find a new therapist who gets you completely and loves you for who you are! :heart::blush:

Very well-said, BrightBear! :two_hearts: It’s so true that kids, animals, and those who express themselves in different ways really do have a lot to teach us :blush::pray:

Where is June going!?! Pride month is already half over!

I hope everyone is having a lovely pride so far :two_hearts: :rainbow_flag:


I hope everyones month is great so far!


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