Happy Pride Month! 🏳️‍🌈

A warm welcome to all!

The days have slipped away from me- it’s already June! :astonished: I was a bit preoccupied with a dreaded dentist appointment yesterday, but my partner reminded me this morning that it is a very important month :spiral_calendar: .

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From across the world, wishing you all a very happy and blessed Pride Month! :rainbow_flag: :heart:

For those who do not know, the month of June is celebrated in some places as Pride Month- a time to honor the LGBT+ community.

Depending on where you are in the world, expect to see various businesses and profiles donning rainbow colors, temporary logos, and pride-related decorations. Just go to Google, type in ‘pride month’ and see what happens! :laughing:

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Just like with magick- it is so important that everyone is free and safe to practice and be comfortable with who they are!

To all of the wonderful witches and folks in the Infinite Roots Coven- whether you are set in your sexuality, are still exploring your identity, or are an ally/a loved one of a member of the LGBT+ community- cheers to you! :partying_face:

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Happy Pride and Blessed be! :sparkling_heart: :rainbow_flag:


Im hoping that the Pride festival is on this year in my city :heartpulse: they only started here in 2018 if you can believe that! I took my daughter to the two we have had and we had such an amazing time :heartpulse: but it was cancelled last year because of the pandemic :heartpulse: Happy Pride Month :heartpulse:


I’m taking pride for this!!! Happy pride month!! There’s a parade in NYC and it’s so crazy fun!!! I met so many great souls and they’re all beautiful!!! I do hope it’s on for this year here too @Liisa it would be a shame to miss!!


Happy Pride Month! :rainbow_flag:
I was going to say this on Facebook, but I think it would start an argument with some of my family members, so I’ll say it here—I’m ace or asexual.
It’s taken almost 32-years-old (my birthday is August 26) to figure this out.
Two years ago, I told my parents and sisters that I think I’m ace, but they don’t/won’t believe me. They just say that I just haven’t “met “the right person yet” or that I’m still healing from a break up. :confused:
I know that being ace is completely normal, but sometimes I’ll read comments about ace’s on Facebook or Twitter (which I really, really need to delete) saying, “Are you even human?” “You just can’t find a partner.”
No matter where I’ve been in my life or what my state of mind is, sex is just something that I’ve always had little to no interest in.
I can’t say why I feel this way for sure.
It’s just the way I am.


@Kasandra Congrats for figuring out your asexuality and owning it so beautifully! We all have the right for defining ourselves, and others questioning that definition are making complete fools out of themselves thinking they know us better than we do. The arrogance, right? If they can’t accept you as you are, they’re not worth your time, and they’re throwing out a chance to know the wonderful person you are because of their own insecurities. Ace people are beautiful and valid, and we totally exist. I know, I am one and I’m dating another :black_heart: :white_heart: :purple_heart:

Happy Pride Month everyone! :rainbow_flag:


Congrats for coming out as Ace. It’s a difficult thing to do because others just don’t understand that you’re just not that interested. I always told my Mom I’d rather marry my cat than a man. LOL.


I honestly don’t know what my sexuality is now? I’ve been with both men and women in my life so I suppose at one point I was bisexual and my longest relationship was with a man, but for the last 10 years I just haven’t wanted to do anything with anyone regardless of gender? I don’t know if it’s an emotional block or if I’m just not that into anyone anymore? I still fancy people and it’s an even mix of male and female but it never goes further than a crush :heart: I did recently fund out you can marry yourself though (not legally as such) so maybe I’m the one? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Happy Pride month to everyone!!



Lol @Liisa that last sentence literally made me stifle an LOL. Get it, girl! Get YOU, girl. :joy: you’re awesome.

A huge :clap:t2::clap:t2: to each of you who have recognized/come to terms/“come out” about your sexuality. It’s so strange that anyone should need to do that, isn’t it? It’s sexuality! Why would anyone need to explain that?! Anyway, you’re all wonderful, kind, brave and glorious souls. Happy Pride, babies! :rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag:


Here’s to hoping that you and your daughter will be able to make your local pride festival this year, @Liisa! :rainbow_flag: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Learning about yourself is a life-long journey, and it’s absolutely okay if it takes time to discover what identity (or lack of an identity/ label) you feel most comfortable with. And life is full of changes and new discoveries- it’s all part of the adventure! :grin:

And yes! Now that you mention it, I’ve seen a big rise in people who are, for various reasons, marrying themselves! :ring:

And same to you, @Christina4- I’ve heard that NYC Pride is a huge festival and lots of fun! Hope you can make it if they are able to have it this year :partying_face: :heart:

Congrats to you, @Kasandra! :tada: :black_heart: :white_heart: :purple_heart: You know yourself better than anyone else- so listen to your heart and seek out places and people that support you being yourself :raised_hands: You have every right to be proud of the wonderful person you are!

Beautifully said, @CelestiaMoon! :clap: Congrats to you and your partner- happy pride to both of you! :rainbow_flag: :two_hearts:

Hahaha hopefully your mother got the point! You’re amazing @Amethyst, and you are a strong and successful person just as you are- there’s no need to marry if that’s not the path for you! :grin::+1:

Cheers to that, and well said @sarah29! :raised_hands: :heart:


Happy Pride Month everyone! I hope it’s a great month for everyone! :rainbow_flag: