Happy Trust Your Intuition Day!

I have a hunch (ha ha) that a lot of you have strong intuitive powers! I would love to hear about a time that your intuition was on point.

Today is also the first day of the Mercury Retrograde! And Jupiter moves into Aries. Farewell, Jupiter I will see you again (I’m Pisces) in November. But Jupiter in Aries can be good too. Motivating and energetic. Any…moment…now…


My intuition is a little iffy but I’m working on it, I just have some things to get through first. Since the Morrigan has come back around that means some deep diving again, but I’m more prepared this time around & finally asked Her for guidance. However, that’s not to say that it shouldn’t be celebrated!

The time that immediately comes to mind was when my son wanted to use my car on the first wintery night in our area with snow & a mix & of wet roads & freezing temperatures but it was a half an hour away from our house. He insisted despite my warnings & pleas… you know 17-year-old boys, driven me the wrong brain & she wanted to do something & he had his license. It came up, but still, he wanted to use the car. Despite my better judgment but many warnings & not threats but “you better make sure that…” & since I have a wifi plugin that also tells me different things about the driving of the car, hard braking, hard accelerations, trip summaries, location maps…anyway… I got a call. It was from him. He was afraid, I knew something happened. Then I saw my car on the news page FB page for the area… my car was totaled. I could tell from the pictures. The roads were untreated, the snow was a mix. I was so many things but ultimately my first questions were are you & Kenzie okay? My car can be replaced but my babies can’t. I think after that he wasn’t as nervous but knew that he had to pay the deductible & that I was going to be more or less reluctant to let him take my car at any time but definitely not during bad weather ever again.


I honestly have too many things that come to mind when my intuition is on point. I usually know when something is wrong with certain people I’m close with, I don’t have to be around them. I just get a feeling. Also, I get energy off of people constantly, and always trust my intuition with what it’s telling me about anything and everything around me. It’s always right! Like I said, I can think of so much!


Happy Trust Your Intuition Day to you too! I love the meme!

I try to trust my intuition, but my days don’t vary much so I don’t know what’s my intuition and what’s yeah, that’s happening again. LOL!


I am an always trust your gut kind of person! I called my best friend to see if she was in labor and found out she’s just left for the hospital (we live in different states). I have left late for work because of bad feelings only to find out an accident happened on our route about the same time we are normally in the area, I backed out of a house deal because something was off and found out later that the last known Address of the number 1 most wanted person in my state would have been my neighbor…. So thankful the universe puts out those messages!


My intuition seems to be selective, and the only time I’m certain of it is when I just know that I didn’t win the lottery. :grin:

Jokes aside, it actually is selective. I can usually sense when a change is coming in my life, and sometimes some other things. I’m trying to develop it, but it’s difficult for me.


Love the meme, @mary25 :joy::gem: Happy Trust Your Intuition Day, everyone! :partying_face:

I have a very large blockage to my intuition and its name is anxiety :sweat_smile: I often have a tough time determining whether something is my intuition or just my anxiety swamping me with possibilities to stress and worry about lol.

As such, I stick mostly to my divination tools (tarot and tea leaf readings). By giving me very clear and visible signs to read, they help me determine what is an actual hunch and what is just the nasty little anxiety demon making me fret :laughing: :imp: