Happy World Tarot Day! 🎴

Merry meet, everyone!

As mentioned in this week’s Merry Meet Monday news post, today is a very special day…

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Wishing you all a very happy and blessed World Tarot Day!

In honor of the occasion, the Tarosophy Tarot Association has shared a special tarot training exercise. The full exercise and more information can be found on their website World Tarot Day:

High Intensity Tarot Training

In celebration World Tarot Day, we give you a HITT workout written by Tali Goodwin to challenge your living of tarot.

It is suitable for every level of experience, as it is designed to be responsive. You can add extra resistance by using a deck with which you are less familiar or is new to you.

Take the 22 Major Arcana out of your deck.


You will need the deck to be with you all day and access to this list, which is on our Facebook Group and Website.

Turn up one card and place it face-up.

Look up the insight or task associated with that card and do it as soon as you can.

As soon as you have done that card task, turn up the next one and do the task as soon as you can.

Allow the tasks and insights to arise naturally as well as taking action.

Some tasks you may resolve to start and come back in following days to complete or work further with them. The important thing is to make a significant connection between the card and what you do.

This exercise should fit into your usual day although it may disrupt it – allow common-sense at all times.

And if you only do one or two tasks, it might be something you really needed to work on.

Card Interpreatations

[0] I will see a freedom that I did not see before.

[1] I will see magic that I did not see before.

[2] I will explore something that has been a mystery to me.

[3] I will see a lesson from nature that I did not see before.

[4] I will exert my will in the world in one conscious decision or action.

[5] I will teach, help or explain something.

[6] I will make a commitment in furtherance of a friendship/relationship.

[7] I will move forward in something that has been deadlocked or halted.

[8] I will face a fear and do something that requires me to be strong.

[9] I will spend a moment to myself and do something entirely for myself.

[10] I will accept and embrace something that has changed or be revolutionary myself.

[11] I will work to balance something I believe wrong.

[12] I will try and see a situation in a whole new light, from some totally different perspective.

[13] I will complete something in order to start anew.

[14] I will find some compromise in a situation and hold to it.

[15] I will do something good or resist a temptation – at least, for now.

[16] I will clear some old stuff out.

[17] I will find something that inspires me or follow an inspiration a little.

[18] I will keep myself on my way despite not knowing something.

[19] I will do something delightful to grow or observe someone who shows me joy and enthusiasm.

[20] I will make a call today – I will take responsibility for something that works towards a new life.

[21] I will engage with the world in one particular way that gives me a sense of my place in life.

The full training exercise and further notes can be found at the source: World Tarot Day

If you’re interested in Tarot but not quite ready to jump in, the Spells8 Complete Tarot Course can help break down the basics and help you begin reading:


Will you be celebrating World Tarot Day? :partying_face: What tarot spreads or readings do you have planned? :flower_playing_cards:

Feel free to share your love for tarot or thoughts about your cards for the day in the comments below!

Happy reading :flower_playing_cards: :sparkles:


Happy Tarot day!! :black_joker::diamonds::heart::clubs::spades:
That exercise sounds pretty cool!! I might try it and get stuck at the fifth card I turn :laughing: but nonetheless it’s interesting! Thanks :blush::relaxed:


Oh, I think I may use my cards. They have been hanging out in my witchy drawer for a while. It’s a good day to take them out & see what they have to tell me! I will have to find an easy spread, it’s been a while since I have done anything. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Right on!!! Thank you for this


I’m going to give this a try today! Thank you for sharing this! :smiley:


Great day to try the dragon spread tarot! It looks a little intimidating since I’ve only drawn five cards at once, but still eager to see what they say!


Oh wow! Thank you for sharing. I have never drawn more than 4 or 5 cards, so this one would take me some time & a lot of writing. I love the layout though! Great find & thank you again!


Oh i like this thank you so much :heart_eyes: It would work with a Tarot deck in an app? I have the Robin Wood tarot deck on my phone, not sure how I would use only the major arcana deck though? I’ll see if I can figure it out :heartpulse:


I decided to do the tarot activity today, and the first card I drew was Death with the task “I will complete something in order to start anew.”

Today’s one of those days where my first thought was “I need to get through my work day so I can begin to truly enjoy this afternoon!” so now I have the Death card displayed as encouragement to get through my day. I have to sacrifice some of my day (a symbolic death, in a way) in order to rise from my desk at the end of my shift and start a new activity :slight_smile: (i.e., close my laptop and take a nap :sleeping: haha)


Update on my tarot adventures for the day: I finished my workday. Drew a new card. What was the card? The Hermit. The task? “I will spend a moment to myself and do something entirely for myself.”

I think the universe is telling me to take a nap like I wanted to in my previous post? :thinking::joy_cat:


@wade I hope you heed the advice & get a good nap in then!

I got the Judgement card again from the Daily Ritual on the site, so decided to work with my cards today.

I did a 4 card spread, I honestly haven’t used my cards in at least a couple of months. So I wanted to see what I need to know over the next few days. I pulled the Hanged Man reversed first; I’m holding onto something that isn’t meant for me. (I know exactly what that is too, so that made me feel good), my next card was the 3 of Wands, my energy has been manifested so I need to wait for the results, (I have a couple of rituals that I worked on the last couple of weeks, so waiting for that to come to fruition). My 3rd card was the 10 of Cups Reversed. Miscommunication & needing to work through feelings of inadequacy. This one goes along right in line with my first card. The last card was the 2 of Wands Reversed. Fear of taking the next step. So I am going to reflect on my goals & see what I have for opportunities to bring my manifested energy to it’s desired result.

It was a good reading, I’m going to journal some more about the miscommunication & feeling something that isn’t meant for me. I know what it is & I just have to work through my feelings instead of fighting them or questioning them.


You’re very welcome, everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Tarot Day :flower_playing_cards: :blush:

The dragon spread is really interesting! Thanks for sharing, @Kasandra :dragon_face:

Were you able to do a custom spread in the app, @Liisa? If so, that would be amazing! I hope it worked well for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It looks like the Death card was pointing towards a different kind of “death”- a very sleepy and temporary one, @wade! :sleeping_bed: :laughing:

Beautiful work, @Siofra! :clap: I’m glad you enjoyed the reading!


I think I’ve figured out how to do it, there is a section in the app where you can look at only the major arcana, they are just on the screen in order though so to pick at random I’ll close my eyes and pick one that way :grin: not sure when I’m going to do it but I have a plan :blush:


Thank you @TheTravelWitch! It had been a while, so it was time for me to use my cards.

@Liisa it’s always good to have a plan to start. I think you will do great!


Thank you beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: