Harry potter's butter beer latte

I found this Recipe for butter beer latte on Pinterest and I couldn’t resist trying it. It’s a bit rich for my tastes and definitely a desert drink but I am considering bottling some to use a creamer in my coffee :grin::drooling_face: nonetheless it’s perfect for Harry Potter fans of all ages.


I’d take that over a pumpkin spice latte any day! And I love PSLs :laughing: :laughing:


Oooh, that sounds good! Very rich as you said, but it sounds yummy!


@Amethyst It was. I’m thinking using it as a creamer might cut the richness because the bitter of the coffee would slice through it :woman_shrugging:t3:

@robin77 I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice anything. I used to love it until it became pumpkin spice mania on everything on the shelves. Pumpkin spice yogurt, pumpkin spice snack cakes, pumpkin spice oatmeal, pumpkin spice air fresheners… It’s too much


Ohhhh- this is definitely my kind of recipe! :heart_eyes: I’ve had the butterbeer at Universal Studies and bottled iced butterbeer and found both of them to be waaaay too sugary :confounded: But the butterbeer I had at the Harry Potter Cafe in Krakow (post with pics here) was really yummy- maybe this is a similar to the recipe they use there! :raised_hands:

Thanks so much for sharing, @phoenix_dawn! :beers: :heart:


@TheTravelWitch this is really sweet and rich too. At least it was for me. I am going to make some in the morning and try it with my coffee as cream instead of my usual cream and sugar and see if it makes a difference. :woman_shrugging:t3: It was delicious though. I know my human carry-on loved it because I drank 2 cups today :joy: must need the calcium I suppose