Harvesting wood for wands

Hey All! Is there a more preferred time of year to harvest wood for a wand or is it better to just harvest when the wood speaks to you?


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Welcome to the forum! Thanks for your question, it’s a really good one. We have had a few discussions about types of wood and their associating magickal properties, but I don’t believe the time of harvesting has ever been discussed. High time to change that! :grin:

For those who believe that your intent is the central point of your magick, then it’s safe to say that: if you believe the timing of harvest has an effect on your wand, then it shall. And reversely, if you don’t believe that the timing has an effect, then it will not have any effect on the wand.

(Many witches have different beliefs about intention and how much of a role in plays in the Craft- to explore that more, I recommend checking out Intention is everything! But, is it?)

Assuming that the wand crafter/user does believe the timing of harvest has an effect on the wand, then there are many ways to go about it!

The Spellcaster’s Reference says the following:
Timing of the Year

From The Spellcaster’s Reference: Magickal Timing for the Wheel of the Year

There are so many things one could consider with timing, including the following:

  • The date (Numerology)
  • The years (drawing from the Chinese/Eastern Zodiac)
  • The seasons
  • The 8 Sabbats
  • The 12 months (drawing from the Western Zodiac)
  • Days of the Week
  • Hours
  • Lunar Cycles
  • Solar Cycles
  • Etc…

Each point has its own correspondences that one could consider. It’s way too much to explore entirely all at once, so I recommend focusing on what is important to you.

For example, some questions you could ask to find a starting point:

→ Is there a season that has energy you’d like to bring into your wand?
→ Is there a number/date that has a lot of meaning for you?
→ Do you prefer to harvest under the full moon, or perhaps draw on the magick of another moon phase?

If it’s too hard to choose (and for anyone who thinks it’s all a bit overwhelming, I totally agree :sweat_smile:) then harvesting when a nice piece of wood finds its way to you or when you feel the call to craft a wand are the likely the best signs one could ask for that it is time for them to harvest a wand :+1:

Good luck with your wand, Taylor! Blessed be :sparkles:


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