Has anybody heard the sound of drums?

Good morning!

As you know I am a new witch in progress lol.I wanted to ask a question and see if you can help me?

After a couple of good luck spells I have started hearing drums at night and sometimes early in the morning. First night was Saturday night so I thought the neighbours were playing drums and being silly at 2am. However I went to sleep and heard them again at 6am when I woke up to go to work.Once I got out the house the sound disappeared.

I have heard them again during the night around 3am and this morning. This morning I have asked my son if he could hear anything and he couldn’t hear drums.

The drums are not aggressively playing. It is actually a nice and gentle melody that makes me feel in peace but I wanted to see if anybody has experienced something similar?

Blessed be!:star2:


This is strange. I’ve never heard of this before. I’ve heard humming before. Or a loud ringing in my ear :sweat_smile: sorry I can’t help.


Huh. I’ve not heard of that before either, and can’t think of any gods that go with drums, although there might be some Orisha or Santeria gods that do. You might want to research those branches of paganism. I’m sure it means something, but I don’t know what.

Sorry I couldn’t help more!


It might be worth doing a guided meditation to your guides or Gods, or just opening yourself up for messages. Someone could be trying to tell you something, although I’m not sure what.


It is possible that it’s your heartbeat. As we meditate and focus I am told that your heartbeat becomes more relevant as we focus and you’re able to hear it better than previously. It may not be the answer but it is something to consider. Blessed be.


Hello @nuria!

That is very interesting- since the drum sounds seem to be calling specifically to you and are happening around the time you are practicing magick, I’d say they are worth looking into :mag_right:

Dream Lookup (a site to find the symbolic meaning of things- usually presented through dreams) associates the following with the sound of a drum:

“Dreaming of a muffled thumping sound produced by a drum, is an indication of being called for help. This type of dream refers to a close friend or family member, who may currently be far from you physically, being in dire need of your assistance or support. While you may receive news or updates from this person in the near future, it may also be wise to consider reaching out to those around you and offer your aid if necessary.”

[From Dream Lookup]

There are many ways to read/interpret something (and many Books of Correspondences offering different ways to interpret!). I personally believe the best way to reveal the meaning of something is to examine not just the object, but also at the person’s experience.

Since you mentioned that the drum sounds come after Good Luck spells and that they leave you feeling relaxed and at peace- I’m more inclined to think they carry a different and more positive kind of message.

It is likely that, as Megan and Kasie pointed out, a higher power or deity may be trying to reach out to you. Meditations, being open and aware of other possible signs, and possibly reaching out to a deity of your choice may be good ways to discover what the sound of drums is directing you towards :drum:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you so much!


As mentioned above, practicing daily meditation will help you open up to your possible clairaudient skills.

Focus on clearing your mind to receive messages from the spirit realm and/or higher beings. Meditation helps tune to the channel that the sounds are coming from.


This sounds like a good thing. I would take it as a sign of encouragement. Your definitely doing something very right. At least I think so. :slight_smile: