Haunted Spaces, bad spirits and negative energies

Hello Everyone! Hope all are having a blessed day.

As I am getting deeper into the craft.
I can’t help to wonder about haunted spaces, bad spirits, negative energy and manipulative energies.

The reason I’m posting this post is to make sure I’m following correct procedure when practicing spells and magick workings.

Years ago in my early 20’s I had a bad experience with a haunted home my family lived in. It pretty much opened our eyes to the unexplained. ( The things that happened in the house could actually come out of a horror movie.) Was pretty freaky to say the least.

I’m not afraid or anything like that. But how do you keep uninvited spirits or negative forces from coming in? If I’m understanding Wicca and the practice correctly, you pretty much protect yourself by casting a circle of protection?( I apologise if stupid questions) But I want to feel protected and not have negative energies invited again or go through that again. However, Everytime I practice any spell or ritual, I always feel calm and at peace. As I start to learn the tarot cards I want to make sure the spirit guides are good and here to help me. Who should I ask for guidance? I still not sure on which Diety to work with.

Anyway, thank you for listening and for any future advice.

Blessed Be


I am not too sure, yet… but I thought I’d just say that I totally understand what you say here:

I’ve had 3 moments in my life resembling this. Freaky, definitely!
Funny little side note: To this day, my family likes watching Ghost Adventures because of our experiences but I will literally light my white candles, and place a line of salt on my entertainment stand in front of the TV. :grin: so yeah my eyes are completely open too!
I’m sure you’ll get some great advice on circle casting and other ways to protect yourself while discovering your craft.
Blessed Be Walter,


You can put up barriers by using black salt in windowsills and door ways. Use witches bells and other charms. Use bay leaves. Use sage, palo santo or eucaluptus and give the space a good smudge and say a smudge prayer, then follow that with a either a tibetan singing bowls or a bell to use the sound to cleanse the energy even healing music tones of youtube are good too. Put a besom above your door and under your bed.

You can also change the space energy by using feng shui principles too. Under the spell section of this site their is some good home blessing and defense magic spells. You could also make a witches jar too. You can also plant certain plants around your house for protection. Black tourmaline is good for defense.

Sorry im not sure any more specifics then that, hope that was helpful. And just for general energy protection as well can also use Bagwa mirrors (feng shui mirrors) are good too, evil eyes to protect against psychic attacks as well. Black tourmaline stone to wear, and doing bath or shower ritual to remove any negative energy that might be in your energy field.

here is a video that might help


Thank you Tamera! Great advice and suggestions! ( I’m the same I love horror movies lol)


Kira, thank you for the videos, suggestions and advice!


Hello @walter!

You’re got some great advice and resources from @Rowan and @kira-marie! :+1: There are no such thing as ‘stupid questions’ from someone pursuing honest knowledge- you’ve come to the right place with a great question! :grin:

A circle is usually drawn during spell and ritual work. It sounds to me like you are searching for ways to keep protective energies nearby (while keeping bad forces away!) all the time- not just during spellwork! I’ve collected some resources here that will hopefully offer some further guidance for you:

There is another discussion about haunted activity in @christina4’s house, and people have offered many helpful solutions and ways to cleanse/protect a living space!

If you are searching for a deity to work with, there is some guidance on how to connect with a deity in last week’s challenge Divine Magick.

Hopefully you can find some easy and powerful ways to protect yourself and your home even when you are not using a circle! Best of luck, and let us know how it goes- sending good thoughts your way :pray:

Blessed Be! :heart:


If you’re crafty, Witch’s Balls are also a great way to disspell negativity. They’re like a cross between a Witch’s Bottle and a tree ornament. Here’s a history of Witch’s Balls, and then there is a DIY video of how to make one.

I’ve also heard that if you wash your door down with vinegar wash it will keep negativity out . Not sure on that one, I don’t have any reference but at least your door would be clean.


I’m happy for all the great advice you received in this topic! I’m sure you’ll pick the method that works best for you.

I recommend surrounding yourself with good spirits so that bad things won’t like to be around you. Find good gods/goddesses, ancestor protectors, elemental spirits that you resonate with, and good people in general.

There are lots of interesting topics on how to connect with a deity here. The basics:

Many people don’t “choose” their deity, but rather feel called to it, which means they are chosen by the deity. There are many ways to perceive the signs: it could be through meditation or in a dream for example. I suggest you start a dream journal or a consistent meditation practice.


@Francisco, Thank you for the great advice. Been doing the lessons on Spell8 and grounding myself as well as reading all the forum topics on this great site, by all the talented and generous witches full of advice here. Very grateful!

As far as dieties, as you mentioned. They find you. I haven’t felt any connection yet. Just been working with the elements and the moon goddess. I have been feeling a great draw towards the moon tho. Also the wind and fire resonate with me. The other night I started a fire in my small fire-pit outside on my patio and just gazed at it and meditated.
I feel Everything will come to me when it’s suppose to and I shouldn’t rush it.
Thank you for the protection advice as how to protect myself from unwanted energies.

Blessed be.


I think you’re on the right path!

If you’re still worried about unwanted energies, you can create a symbol of protection that’s only for you and either draw it on your skin, or instead draw it on a piece of paper and put it in a pocket. You can also wear a pendant with a stone in it or a symbol that is meaningful to you.

But I think there’s no need to overthing the protection aspect. As long as you’re respectful to energies, you will find that you’re on a beautiful, transforming, powerful path.


@TheTravelWitch, thank you for the great advice. I will incorporate your suggestions before I begin rituals or spells. ( For protection and home as well) Once , I ground myself with protection, I will feel confident and secure to practice freely. Of course always respecting the craft and never harm to none.

I received my tarot deck today and plan on leaving them out with my rocks, tools and crystals under the moon to concecrate them. As well as make my monthly moon water. Trying to tidy up and organize my altar. I bought a decent size cutting board and plan on painting a pentacle in the center, plus as well as the four elements. Also bought a nice rectangular weave basket, which I plan to use as storage for my tools. And when I’m done, I simply store my tools and put the cutting board on top of the basket. A movable and organized Altar. I don’t have much space since it’s a small apartment. However, the Cutting board (Altar) along with the basket will sit nicely in my storage unit. ( I’m on a tight budget these days and the dollar store has great prices for my Witchy stuff. I was browsing on Etsy and Pinterest for altars but they are too expensive for me right now.) Will have to be thrifty and create my tools as I go.

Thank you once again!
Blessed be.


@Amethyst, thank you for you suggestions! Yes I’ve seen the witches balls on youtube and that’s a great idea. I have a semi- covered patio and perfect spot to hang a witch ball next to my chimes. ( Of course will have to be plastic lol)

Thank you again,
Blessed be.


Thank you @Francisco, yes I tend to overthink things lol…I was more concerned, I guess because I bought the tarot cards and want to begin practicing divinition. And just concerned about not attracting bad energies. Since it has happened to me in the past. However, I’m much older now and better educated in regards to the craft.

Thank you,
Blessed be


You’re welcome @walter! Plastic is good, yes. Good luck with your protections!


Whenever I use salt on my altar I sprinkle it outside my doorways and in the corners of my room. I just found my bells in my craft items and I am going to make some Witches Bells and hang them from my bedroom and entryways once I find some vintage keys. I also found some Etsy that were really nice too.

I think you got some great advice from some wonderful people though, so I would do what feels right for you and your home!


You’re very welcome, @walter! :blush: It sounds like you’ve got a great plan! :clap: Cleansing everything in the light of the full moon is a great practice and I love how creative your altar is! You are using all your clever and creative skills- I am sure it will come out lovely :hearts:.

Being thrifty is a great way to go, practicing magick doesn’t have to cost much (or any!) money at all! If you’re still on the hunt for budget ideas, I recommend the cheap/free project ideas that were shared in the Thirfty Witch Challenge and the Witchy Thrift Shop Finds thread. Etsy and Pintrest are also great for brainstorming altar ideas.

Best of luck- feel free to share pictures of your altar or witchy crafts when they are ready! I would love to see how everything comes out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:

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