:sun: Have you heard of a Hybrid Solar Eclipse?

Hybrid Solar :sun: Eclipse

Hybrid Solar Eclipse: Left Annular, Right Total - Both Occur

While a Solar Eclipse itself is a bit rare & an Annular or a Total Eclipse even rarer, a Hybrid Solar Eclipse is the rarest of the 4 Solar Eclipses. There are a total of 7 Hybrid Eclipses within the century. The 3 most recent have or will occur in 2013, 2023, and 2031. Two more will come in rapid succession in 2049 and 2050.

A Hybrid Eclipse happens when the eclipse itself starts out as an Annular Eclipse and as it goes through its path becomes a Total Eclipse at some point. (Annular Eclipses have also been known as the “Ring of Fire” Eclipse.)

Where the Solar Eclipse is visible closest to the midpoint the points pass lower than the Earth’s surface, which appears to be a Total Eclipse. However, in the locations where they are closer to the beginning or the end it is seen as an Annular Eclipse because the sides of the Earth are further away from the Moon passing above the Earth’s surface. (It really comes down to the curvature of the Earth as the eclipse is happening where you will see which part if at all)

The difference of the passing from one eclipse to the other is slight and also the least part that is seen, but that also makes it the most interesting because as it transitions from one to the other, the result is a broken ring of light from an Annular Eclipse to a Total Eclipse due to the Lunar Mountains blocking the portions of the ring of light while the remaining light from the sun is seen through the valleys.

The reason these types of the eclipse are considered rare is that the range for the shadow cone from the moon is really quite small with a short amount of time in the middle where depending on where you are located for eclipse visibility, you will either see it as Annular (beginning or end) or Total (in the middle as it transitions)

From an Astrology Perspective for Eclipses

In general, Eclipses bring what needs to change to the surface. We part with the old ways and are firmly set on new paths for greater potential and promises for the future. Eclipses can operate subtly to bring about that change, but more often than not the changes are dramatic, knocking you off course. After which a period of adjustment ensues for six months, or longer.

Working with Eclipses in your personal horoscope:

  1. Take note of the sign symbolism and the natal house that the solar and lunar eclipse falls in. The house in your personal chart where an eclipse occurs represents an area of your life that is up for review and dramatic change.

  2. Embrace the changes being offered. Think of an Eclipse as a Reboot opportunity for a fresh start. Clear the playing field. A whole new life is possible now, so go for it!!

  3. Transiting eclipses will have the greatest impact when conjunct, square, or opposite your Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Midheaven, or the ruler of your Ascendant.

  4. Check where an Eclipse is happening in your natal chart. If it’s in a 1-2° orb of a planet or point it will be especially potent and significant for you. All Eclipses bring dramatic life-altering change, but when an Eclipse is in a private up-close encounter with one of your own. Well, buckle your seat belts. You’re in for a WILD Ride. Anything can happen! Typically, you will be VERY Glad about what happens. Though it may take some time for the dust to settle and to re-orient to your new life and way of being.

  5. Check the Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PNSE) that occurred when you were in utero.
    The PNSE is a life-long sensitive degree in your chart. Other people’s planets at that degree may be significant. Also, transits to the PNSE can be quite significant. The affairs of the house where your PNSE is located are important throughout your life. The house placement of your PNSE shows where you need to continually grow and expand. An Eclipse that is speaking directly with your PNSE can have an all-pervasive depth charge life-altering effect on you.

  6. Essential oils can be your greatest allies during (and following) an Eclipse.
    Essential oils can help you stay relaxed, go with the flow of events and be more adaptable during the time it can take to integrate the changes. Generally, earthy and woody scents have the most harmonizing and stabilizing effect on the emotions during and after an eclipse, i.e. Himalayan or Cedarwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Galbanum, and Ylang-Ylang are all good choices.