Healing Incense

Make during the waxing moon if you wish to see good health increase, or during the waning moon if you wish to see specific illness or disease decrease.

Combine the plant spirits.

Be thankful.

Close your eyes and imagine healing energy swirling through your entire being while you burn the mix on a charcoal disc.

You can also do this on someone else…but I always ask for permission first before working on someone else…people ask me why I ask permission first – even though it’s for good. I view this the same way I view physical touch…I would NEVER randomly touch someone without their permission to see if they were comfortable with that…so I would never invade someone’s spiritual space without their permission as well. I do not hear too many people speak this way – is it right? is it wrong? I don’t know, but it’s right for me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Once the ashes are cooled, return them to Mother Earth and thank her for receiving.


Another lovely recipe- thank you for this incense blend, @Silverbear! :heart: :pray:


Eeekkk… I missed this one too! It’s a definite recipe for me. :crossed_fingers: Hopefully I can make this up tomorrow once everyone has returned to work & such :star_struck:


So glad I found this Thank you @SilverBear