Healing Properties of Selenite

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I believe that there are many various ways that selenite provides healing to the body.

Here are my top five:

  1. Helps promote sleep

  2. Aides in reducing anxiety and stress

  3. Used while meditation at the temples, reduces headaches and migraines

  4. Promotes feeling of peace and serenity

  5. Reduces slight pain when placed on appropriate acupuncture points


I also have a selenite grid in my house. Placed at all the entry points and doorways. With tourmaline. It also doe not ever need to be charged or cleansed. It has its own energy source and doesn’t absorb any energy.


It’s a lovely crystal! :white_heart:

I wish I was more confident about spotting real ones - there was a discussion a while back (here: Is selenite really selenite?) about how some less reputable crystal shops/sellers label satin spar as selenite. I just don’t know enough to be able to tell them apart, so it’s not one I keep in my collection.

For those who are lucky and have selenite, it is loaded with lovely associations and uses :blush:

Thanks for sharing your wisdom, Megan - this is a great list! :pray:


I have selenite and black tourmaline over top entry points in my home. It has its own cleansing energy, but also can pull from the sun and moon, as there are moon shaped windows above each. I use selenite daily for my rituals and meditation practices. It has always been a crystal I have been drawn to, even as a young child. :sparkles:


I’m not sure. I’d be wary of that advice. Everywhere I’ve read said that selenite does need to be charged. It doesn’t have to be often, especially if it’s somewhere that isn’t very chaotic. But just because it can charge other crystals doesn’t mean it doesn’t benefit from a cleanse and charge itself. :thinking:

Some random research

Charging Selenite is the second step you must follow after cleansing it to make sure your crystal has maximum power before using it. You may have heard that crystals with very high vibrations such as Selenite do not need to be cleansed or charged, but this is a myth, and it is also hazardous, as using the stone as you bought it may actually cause you more harm than good.

The idea of charging a crystal refers to enhancing the stone’s power by using a natural element such as sunlight or water. Since all crystals come from nature, it is only intuitive that you need to use nature to restore their strength.https://www.villagerockshop.com/blog/most-common-faqs-selenite/

How often you charge selenite can vary depending on how often you use it and the environment in which it is kept. As a general rule, it is recommended to charge your selenite at least once a month , or whenever you feel that its energy has become depleted or stagnant. However, if you use your selenite quite frequently for meditation or energy work then you may want to charge it more often to keep it at its peak performance. – https://www.centreofexcellence.com/how-to-charge-cleanse-selenite/

Selenite crystals don’t need charging - right? Well, the answer to that is both yes and no. Selenite’s vibrational potency means that it can self-charge, however, like anything which works hard - and boy can selenite deliver the goods when it comes to spiritual and physical wellbeing- it needs to undergo a process of recovery.

In brief: charging is needed to optimize the vibration of the stones so that they can work to full effect. Charging is important because it is responsible for the metaphysical power of the stones, allowing the properties to permeate into our very profound physical realm here on planet Earth. Consider how your crystals work. As a piece of fossilised mineral, selenite can certainly look pretty in its crystalline form but it is only when we begin to interact with it that it actually begins to work. The energy given off by your selenite is a collaboration between the owner and the stone. By handling it you are imbuing it with energy and that renewed energy is then fed back to you. This constant interaction is what makes the use of crystals so beautiful and natural. But what if you don’t feel any benefits from your crystals? You might think that all claims for their benefits are untrue, when it might be that the energy stored in them has become clogged up. This is one major reason why selenite charging is so important.

Another reason for selenite charging is to reprogram your crystals with renewed intentions. The freshly charged energy of your selenite will be the foundation for absorbing new goals. – How to Charge Selenite Crystals - Gemstone Gifts – Gemstone Gifts ltd.

I feel like if I have to pick between two concepts that no one can actually prove, the one that’s easier and means I have to do less is probably a convenient little lie. :sweat_smile:


Idk lol. For me I haven’t cleansed or charged any stones in quite some time. I’m starting to prefer the energy they exude on their own. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I swear if u touch them u can feel so much energy.love the way they feel between my fingers. I would charge them or cleanse them if I feel it’s necessary but I like the way my stuff feels with the energy on it. I guess I do cleanse still. As I do smoke cleanse running a a incense stick around my stuff often or I use my bell a lot to sound cleanse my altar when I’m clearing the space?


Whether it’s energy from my magick that’s probably part of it. ?


Oh, so you are cleansing.

Mine get enough moonlight through the windows that I don’t actively do it. But they’re still getting charged and cleansed, even though I’m not actively going out of my way to do it.


Yeah I suppose but I m not intentionally cleansing my stones. Aiming for my altar all together. But my selenite in doorways and stuff I havent cleansed.


I am not saying I disagree with you

But from what I understand they possess their own energy always selenite


I felt the need to research and went back over a few threads including this one. And sigh apparently I don’t own any selenite. I own satin spar, which is pretty, but is not the same crystal/stone.

(original source)

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Ahh so most people are selling satin spar as selenite

Says they have the same healing properties so oh well lol I guess.

I have satin spar too

Great dig