🙌 Healing with Hands: Energy Work Technique

When I was a kid, my mother had a book called “Manos que Curan” (Healing Hands). I think this is the English version: Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan.

My mom would use a form of energy healing that looks a lot like Reiki, the main thing being laying her hands to heal pain or ease anxiety.

This is a simple technique which can be very powerful, of course depending on who’s doing it. I’ve written a post on the fundamentals of Energy Work. The basic method is to visualize and feel the heat traveling through your hands and into the person you are healing.

Above all, it’s important to create a sacred moment that both the recipient and the practitioner will take seriously. It can be done on others on on yourself.

Healing Hands Basic Method :raised_hands:

  1. Place your hands a few inches from the body, near the affected area. It is not necessary to touch the other person, especially if that will cause them pain. Keeping a distance between your hands and the area to be treated also helps you to notice the changes in temperature that are happening.

  2. Direct all attention to the affected area. Empty your mind, relax and kindly ask for the presence of the divinity to manifest the energy necessary to heal the body or area of the body.

  3. Feel the activation of this healing energy. Visualize it coming from your center, it could be a white or colored light. It will travel through your arms, towards the palm of your hands.

  4. Focus on the absolute intention of healing the area. As the energy flows, see how the energy cleanses or pushes out any toxic or negative energies.

  5. Visualize the outcome: The person is already healed as you hold your hands on the area for approximately 2-3 minutes.

Extra Tips

  • You can use a prayer that matches your belief system such as an invocation or a gratitude prayer. This is not necessary though.

  • In the beginning, you may feel tired after this types of exercise, this is completely normal. Sometimes when doing energy work, we tend to expect too much and this can create stress. If you feel light-headed or have a headache, make sure to stay hydrated and rest well.

  • Keep gemstones (Earth), moon water (Water), burn a candle (Fire), or light some incense (Air) during the practice to draw energy from the elements instead.

Remember that the basis of energy work is intention. Your intention is incredibly powerful and perhaps more important than any specific technique you use.

So before attempting any healing work, establish a strong intention to heal and supplement it with the power of your hands and tools. These are your foundations for energy healing. :dizzy:

Note: If you are facing a serious medical condition, or the symptoms last for over a week, you should promptly consult a physician or other healthcare provider.

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Awesome this will go in my book too… I remember in the late 80’s a woman who said she could heal with her hands, people thought she was nuts… ha ha ha not so much anymore.

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:laughing: I like that! “The times they are a-changin’”!

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