Hello from Ottawa, Canada

Hello everyone!

My name is Ana, and I am living in Ottawa, Canada. I’ve been “reading” a lot about witchcraft and wicca. There have been many tiny “signs” throughout my life but brushed it aside. Now I stop to take notice but don’t even know how to understand/learn from it. The latest was when I was getting ready to drift off to sleep and assumed that Bailey my cat had come to lay down at my feet. I was very sure it was her as I could feel her weight and her restlessness on the mattress. I reached up to say my good night to her - and there’s no Bailey. Most times they have all been positive signs but others - not so. I am assuming that the universe is trying to get my attention and here I am with ears, eyes, and mind open.

May I add that this website has wonderful information and I’m totally hooked. Currently, I’m in the so-called closet (not literally :wink:) I just started on my solo journey and would like to say a warm hello :). I am really excited to start learning and practicing but with the plethora of information out there, I am not sure exactly where to start. If anybody has beginner-friendly tips, I would be so grateful!

Blessed be!


Hello, Ana! :wave: and Merry Meet!!

I like to think that cats live their lives with one paw in this world and the other paw on the other side of the veil! :cat2: I can totally see why you felt it as a sign…!

For Beginner-Friendly tips, I recommend you to Start here: Spellcasting 101: Everything You Need To Know :crystal_ball: it includes:

Feel free to explore and browse around the Forum, ask any questions you need, and comment on any topics you like.

Many blessings!! :pray:

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Thank you so much for the response and the wonderful welcome. I’ve actually gone through them all and have them bookmarked :).



There’s another list of lessons here (in case you haven’t seen it) : Online Witchcraft Courses, and don’t forget to visit the Witches Homework Page!

If there’s anything you want to share or learn, you can always ask in the Merry Meet Monday topic or create your own topic in any of the categories


Hello @ana6

Lovely to meet you! :bouquet:

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Likewise :slight_smile: Hoping you’re having a most wonderful day!

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Hello and welcome Ana
I am in the exact same spot as you journey wise and looking for all the same answers and guidance

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A very warm welcome to you, @ana6! :two_hearts:

I am so happy the signs have got you started on your exciting new journey, and we are very blessed to have you with us! :sparkles: It sounds like you are right that the universe is reaching out to you- and very interesting that one of the most powerful signs was through a cat! :cat2: If animals have an important role in your life and your practice, the topic of Familiar Spirits and Power Animals may be of interest to you! :cat::two_hearts:

@Francisco has shared some great starting resources- I might also suggest browsing through the Spells8 YouTube Channel as a great overview of possible topics to look into :blush:.

Feel free to reach out in the forums with any questions, guidance, or experiences you would like to share. We are all learning and growing together here- you are a very welcome member of the community! :sparkling_heart:

Blessed Be! :heart:

What a warm welcome. Thank you for the beautiful message. I have completed both courses and have jotted down so many notes. Must admit though, that my practices, I feel like I’m just bumbling along. I’m sure in time it will flow a little more naturally. Just trying to “bless” my altar, I couldn’t help but constantly go back to my notes and course-correct :joy:. Meanwhile, my cat just sits there and looks at me nonchalantly.

Once again thank you for the warm response. I am so looking forward to not only learn but to actually “feel” my progression. Hope that makes sense.

Blessed Be :sparkling_heart:

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You are very welcome, @ana6! :two_hearts: Congrats on completing the courses- with that, I think you’ve already come quite a distance on your path!

That’s wonderful that you are taking notes! You may have already learned a bit about Books of Shadows- many witches choose to keep a personal book about their practice. A Book of Shadows is commonly your collection of spells, rituals, and knowledge- but like everything in the practice, you are free to make it your own! :books::two_hearts: It sounds like your notes may be the beginning of your very own Book of Shadows :open_book: If this is something that interests you, there are Printable Pages for Your Book of Shadows here! There are also a lot of helpful videos by other witches on Youtube- such as Harmony Nice’s Book of Shadows and How to Start Yours

Writing down your experiences can help you to learn (as you can always go back and alter spells to better suit your needs! It will also be a great benchmarker to look back on- because you’re absolutely right, in time you’ll gain confidence with your practice and feel more natural with it! :blush:

It seems like your cat is cheering you on! I’m cheering you on too- and wishing you all the best of luck! :heart:

Blessed Be! :sparkles:

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