Hello, I'm Phenyx13!

Hello Everyone, I’m a 48 years young SolitaryEclectic from Downeast Maine


Hello there @Phenyx13 :wave:

I hope you don’t mind but I moved your comment to it’s own post so everyone can welcome you properly! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: My name is Megan and I’m one of the moderators here at Spells8 – it’s nice to meet you!


Hi @Phenyx13! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia. Welcome to the forum! :infinite_roots:

What kind of magic are you interested in? I’m a Solitary Eclectic Wiccan who likes candle magic and chants. Either way, welcome, we’re glad to have you!

If you have any questions about anything, just ask and someone will pop up to help you. I look forward to getting to know you better!


Welcome to the forum @Phenyx13! I’m Siofra_Strega a moderator here at Spells8. I’m from Cape Cod.

It’s nice to meet you & I look forward to learning more about you! :infinite_roots:


It fine megan, no worries


Thanks Amethyst.



Merry meet :hugs: and welcome home :infinite_roots: @Phenyx13

I’m Marsha, an Eclectic Solitary Witch, from Colorado. It’s nice to meet you, Frankie, welcome to the family. :people_hugging:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


Merry meet @Phenyx13,

I’m Bry, a moderator here in the forum and a fellow Eclectic Witch- wishing you a very warm welcome! :blush:

If there are any magickal topics in particular that you are studying, feel free to share your knowledge in the #witchy-wisdom category. And if you happen to have any questions, know that the #questions category is there for you! Ask away and your friendly coven is sure to come to your aid with answers, suggestions, shared experiences and more. Make yourself at home here! :infinite_roots: :handshake:

Hope to talk with you more soon- Blessed be! :sparkles:


You’re welcome, my friend!


Welcome to spells8. I live in Florida, now, that’s down east, haha.
Here, no one is alone, we’ve managed to form a cohesive if abstract family.
Some of us need encouragement and it is given.
Depression? We give empathy.
Magical Questions? One of us will either give you an answer or lead you in the right direction. If someone needs healing energy and love we send it. (Lots of love flies out our doors.)
You will find on your journey that everyone is different and has different needs. I’m an Eclectic Solitary Practitioner. I grew up in the ’60s and have issues with authority (ha, ha).
Seriously Phenyx13, there are no set rules except to be nice, learn all you can and If you don’t understand something, or it troubles you, go to the forum and throw out your questions. I think in another life, we all were teachers. We love questions.
These are the rules that are not written but understood.

Spells8 has become a place of refuge, a sanctuary
for us, where we feel safe.
No one has the right to bully you.
No one can belittle or shame you, ever!
No one has the right to push their beliefs onto you.
(Like some religions?)
Treat everyone as you want to be treated.
Should you have any issues of the sort, please contact any one of us and the problem will be resolved.
As with everything in your life, Magick is a choice.
Be blessed, stay safe, and know you are loved.


I want to thank everyone for welcoming me to the community I really appreciate it.


I’ve been taking a little break from the world, or trying to, so I’m a little late to the party but welcome to the family @Phenyx13


Make yourself right at home, @Phenyx13! :blush:

Blessed be :sparkles:


Hail and well met phenyx3 im Asideon nice to meet you


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