Hello my lovelies!

Apologies for not being in contact, I’ve been off the grid for a while.

How is everyone doing?

My anxiety has been bad but I’m feeling a lot better now :blush:

Sending positive vibes to all! :heart:


Hi Abs!! It’s been a while!

We’ve been surviving Covid and keeping us busy with the fun weekly challenges by Brianna, @BryWisteria!!

Personally, I’ve been using this time to read more. I’ve been reading The Spiral Dance, which I mentioned on this post and I bought a little cauldron / oil burner which is great to accompany reading (with some music too!).

How is the new house and garden?? Have you been working on it?


Welcome back Abs- we missed you!!! :heart_eyes:

Sorry to hear that the anxiety’s been tough- but I’m glad you’re feeling better now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sending lots of blessings and warm thoughts back to you! :heart:

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Love the oil burner!! Did you get it online?

We’ve been quite busy with the house! We’ve almost finished decorating now :house_with_garden: The garden is going well :grin: we have a little playhouse up for Connie now, just working on the summer house for my husband (he wants his little man cave :joy:)


Thanks @BryWisteria! I’ve missed you guys too.

Anxiety truly sucks! :pensive:

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Well I am never taking time out again :joy: I’m only half way through catching up on all the posts I missed! :exploding_head::joy:

Oh, perfect timing, look what I am posting today - https://youtu.be/2pxE38ae7yY

Welcome back.

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That means you should also get your witch’s den!! Right?? :woman_mage:

Yes, I just searched Cauldron Oil Burner on Amazon and found it. I see there’s one now but it says there’s only one on stock.